Digital concierge: smart access, parcels and visitors in one

The digital concierge is an all-in-one solution which ensures unprecedented living comfort. This triple design award winner offers a parcel solution and digital access control. From the residential entrance to inside the apartment.

Bringme's digital concierge

An all-in-one solution

Bringme Key

One key for all doors

Bringme Videocom

Deliveries and home control

Bringme Reader

For connecting doors

Bringme Box

For parcels and groceries

Bringme Bell

For couriers and visitors

Bringme Box: the smartest parcel box

Receive parcels safely

Expecting a parcel or a meal box? With the Bringme Box, couriers make their deliveries completely autonomously. The box signs for receipt and instantly sends a notification to the resident. No more stolen or lost parcels.

No need to go to the mailbox unnecessarily anymore

The smart private parcel box has a digital nameplate. It can receive both mail and parcels and sends a message when the postman has been.

Smart bell gives couriers instructions

It directs couriers to the Bringme Box with clear voice and visual instructions. It connects visitors to the resident’s videocom or smartphone.

Videophone controls doors and devices. Yes!

The portable Bringme Videocom is a three-in-one device: it greets visitors, tracks parcels and mail and operates the smart home control functions.

Not at home? Still available!

Unexpected visitors but there is no one at home? Then the Bringme Bell connects them to the resident’s smartphone. How convenient!

"We install Bringme’s digital concierge in all our projects. It is user-friendly, ­reliable and cheaper than separate stand­alone solutions."

- Benoît Broos, director of Ertzberg real estate development

Each resident has their own personal concierge

Bringme includes an intuitive app that takes care of everything for the residents.

  • Collect parcels using the personal QR code
  • Call the lift
  • Communicate with visitors at the residential entrance

Bringme’s digital access control. Convenience first.

The digital concierge also includes an intelligent access control system.

  • No more replacing locks because of lost or stolen keys
  • A spare key is always available
  • Wireless and battery-free keys and locks


With the Bringme Key, every resident has one key for everything. The Bringme Box, the connecting doors and the residential entrance of the apartment.

Bringme Reader

Reads the resident’s Bringme Key and opens the connecting doors in the building.

Plug-and-play lock

Smart cylinders for the doors of the apartment, the storage room, etc. No wires or batteries required.

Easy management with the Bringme Manager

With the Bringme Manager, property managers can manage the digital concierge effortlessly. Always automatically updated with the latest features. Privacy-proof.

  • Link residents to their Bringme Box, mailbox and digital nameplates
  • Realtime sharing and management of access rights and key plan
  • Dashboard for analysis of the use of the Box

Great lead generator for your projects

The digital concierge is a magnet for buyers and investors. Our ready-to-use tools and templates make it easy to use as a lead generator.

  • In sales specifications
  • On site signage
  • On social media

Bringme, a dedicated partner for property managers

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your dedicated customer success manager focuses on 100% customer satisfaction.

Help Center with unique control room

Bringme can solve 90% of potential problems without on-site intervention.

Own intervention team

For on-site maintenance and urgent interventions.

Want to increase the appeal of your projects and reduce costs?

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1000+ residences choose Bringme

Discover in our client cases how real estate agents save costs, increase purchasing power and residents experience the benefits of a smart parcel solution.