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All parcels go straight to the residents: that's how Vertus works


The 3 most important upgrades according to Vertus:

  • Top service: residents can immediately take receipt of parcels themselves.
  • Fully automated: no need for a concierge to waste time.
  • Super secure: no more lost or misplaced parcels.

Drowned in a sea of parcels

"We used to get hundreds of parcels delivered to our locations every day," says Operational Manager Akiff. "And I truly mean that literally, we're talking mountains and mountains of parcels. That really was no longer manageable for us. Apart from the fact that those parcels weren't even registered at all and were just lying around in the common areas. As a result, we didn't just lose parcels. We also lost a great deal of time trying to figure everything out. And our residents lost their patience, as they sometimes had to wait hours for their parcels. The parcel chaos in the entrance hall was also a real sight to behold. Sometimes potential tenants even dropped out as a result. So, we really needed to find a solution..."

Middleman no longer needed

"We needed a solution that could easily deliver all those parcels to the right sender," says Akiff. "And that's how we ended up with the Bringme Box. Now the situation has changed completely. Parcels are delivered directly to the box; our concierges no longer have to deal with them. This gives them more time for their other duties. They also never have to look for a lost or stolen parcel again, because each parcel lands in the secure Bringme Box and can only be picked up by the recipient using a QR code."

"Thanks to the Bringme Box, we no longer need a middleman. Residents simply pick up their parcels themselves, even during peak periods." - Akiff Rahman, Operational manager Vertus.

Why residents are big fans of the Bringme Box

Akiff: "In the past, residents often had to wait a long time for their parcels because the concierge didn't have the time for them. Sometimes as much as three hours or even more. As of now, a middleman is no longer needed at all, and residents can pick up their parcels themselves. Also, during periods of high traffic, such as the Christmas period. In the past, we'd have had to hire additional staff, which brought a lot of stress. That's now over for good: the digital concierge can scale effortlessly. That has helped us tremendously. And our residents are big fans too, since they never have to wait for their parcel, no matter how busy things are..."

Offer residents a better service with Bringme