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The smart doorbell opens the right doors

  • Smart: clearly instructs couriers and meal service providers to deliver contactless in the box
  • Handy: residents can see on the videophone or smartphone who is at the door, any time and from anywhere
  • Safe: Couriers and meal service providers are given restricted access
  • Efficient: works with 1 key that opens all doors
RES render virtual reception COMBO
Bringme Bell

A real digital concierge for your residents

The Bringme Bell is not your average intercom, but a true digital concierge. Its voice assistant gives instructions to couriers, welcomes visitors, opens doors and guards your residence. Safe. 24/7.

Make your entrance area a safe place for home deliveries

The Bringme Bell quickly allows access to couriers and meal service providers. And it also makes sure they leave again quickly: its camera keeps an eye on things. Contactless and secure, at every level!

Courier delivering

Give clear instructions at the front door

The Bringme Bell has a separate button for couriers and suppliers. When they ring, the smart bell invites them to deliver their order contactless in the Bringme Box. In order to stay safe and respect social distancing.


Handy videophone: valuable assistance for residents

Sick at home? The portable videophone allows the resident to receive calls from visitors and also open the entrance doors. Allowing you to stay tucked up in bed!

Iphone Iphone

Also via smartphone. Also from a distance.

Often out and about? Out at work all day? No problem at all! With the Bringme Bell visitors call directly on the resident’s smartphone. They can then immediately see who is at the door. Always available!

    Bringme Badge

    One key for everything: open the right door with one swipe

    The Bringme Badge opens the front door, smart letterbox, parcel box and the elevator. The days of hunting for keys are over.

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    Bringme Bell

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