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    Intern @ Bringme?

    Leuven, Belgium - Intern

    Things are moving fast at Bringme. Faster than the speed of light. That’s why we welcome talented interns with open arms. Even while they’re still studying. But there is one condition: motivation is a must!

    Are you a fan of Bringme? And do you think you could contribute to one of our departments? Then we’d be happy to share our business experience with you.

    Where can you, as an intern, apply and improve your skills?

    • Software development
    • Hardware development
    • Quality
    • Creative & Product
    • After-sales & Customer support
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Office
    • HR
    • ICT

    Apply now or just drop by. And who knows, we might soon welcome you as an intern!

    Your profile:

    • You’re a student
    • Your field of study corresponds with one of our departments
    • As a young potential, you are motivated to work in a dynamic and ambitious team
    • You have your own opinion and are eager to learn.

    Bringme offers you:

    • A chance to work in a booming company that has a no-nonsense corporate culture
    • A workplace where you’re surrounded by the cream of the crop, allowing you to grow professionally as well as personally
    • Access to our Bringme Box, just like the rest of your colleagues
    • Flexible hours – Forget about getting stuck in traffic and being grumpy in the morning
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