Win over buyers and investors with the digital concierge

Increase the appeal of your new development project. With Bringme’s digital concierge in the lobby, you’re sure to exceed all expectations. The three-time design-award winner offers a parcel solution and digital access control. A great way to boost sales - and your cashflow.

  • Exceed expectations and boost your sales
  • Award-winning design to convince buyers
  • Innovative feel
  • Amplify your brand with progressive solutions

Bringme: the wow factor in residential projects

Your new residential project deserves better than the ‘tin-can’ parcel machines you see in public spaces. With the award-winning Bringme Box, you highlight the architectural qualities of your development project right down to the finest details.

  • Well-lit compartments with a reflective rear wall
  • Stainless-steel guides
  • Atmospheric LED lighting

Exceed the expectations of your buyers

#1 The must-have parcel and shopping service

With a Bringme Box, you pre-emptively respond to the needs of your buyers. Parcels and delivered meals are received safely, even in the event that no one is present to receive them.

#2 Open the door for investors

Convince investors with the Bringme Key: digital keys and locks that are easily managed, even remotely.

#3 Straight to your smartphone

With the Bringme Bell, you respond to requests from young and old who need you to be available everywhere, all the time.

"When the team is conducting viewings, they are often asked about deliveries and storing packages. The idea of being able to access parcels anytime is definitely seen as adding convenience and therefore value."

- Jane Reeves, General Manager of Elephant Central by Get Living

Attract senior buyers too

Bringme's digital concierge is a technological marvel. Senior residents love the comfort and user-friendliness it offers.

The allure of a hotel to ignite your buyers’ dreams

Buyers will not change their minds for an apartment. They will change their minds for a dream. The digital concierge offers the luxury of a classic concierge—without the costs.

All doors

open for residents with a simple swipe.


can reach a resident no matter where they are.

Post, parcels and groceries

are always received and stored securely to await collection.

Bringme as a unique selling point for your project

With Bringme, you make sure you stand out from the competition. Use it in your strategic communications as a lead generator. We support you with tools and templates.

In your sales specifications

Ready-to-use templates to present Bringme products to your buyers.

On your construction-site signage

Interest passers-by in your sustainable, progressive project.

Via your digital channels

Post our photos and content to your social media or website for increased effect.

Everything for our clients

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your permanent customer success manager guides your projects from A to Z.

Help Center with unique control room

Bringme solves 90% of problems without any need to arrange an on-site visit.

Your own quick-response team

For on-site maintenance and urgent interventions.

Let’s make your project even more appealing and lower costs too!