Lower construction costs and higher sales

A digital access control and a smart parcel locker in your new construction project? Go for an all-in-one solution and avoid analogue stand-alone systems. Lower your construction costs and increase the comfort of your residents with Bringme's digital concierge.

  • More efficient than stand-alone systems
  • Raise the value of your apartments
  • Save on installation costs and subcontractors
  • Include models with payment options to return your investment

Reduce your project management tasks

Remove coordination costs


With separate letter boxes, parcel boxes, doorbell panels, an intercom on the wall, home-control technology and mechanical keys and locks, you end up with a queue of subcontractors, an endless series of project management tasks and little comfort.


The digital concierge is the only all-in-one solution that covers everything. It saves costs and it raises comfort.

Save on installation costs

Say goodbye to expensive, outdated and autonomous systems


Technical installations that won’t communicate with each other? They’re difficult to integrate, with expensive cabling and complex systems that fail to respond to the needs of residents.


The Bringme products are simple to install. They require little cabling, and are safe and reliable when in use.

Save on maintenance and management costs

Never replace locks again!


Mechanical keys and locks are outdated. They’re not suitable for rental properties and they demand a lot of handling.


With the Bringme Key, there’s no need to worry about new keys or locks when there’s been a theft. Digital replacement keys are always available and easily managed from wherever you are.

"We think it’s important to include Bringme in our sales materials, because it’s an extra reason for choosing us."

- Filip Remans, partner to developer Van den Boer Concept

Earn your investment back

Lucrative return of investment

The Bringme Key, the portable video-communication and home-control system are ideal options to include in your sales materials.

Buyers and investors

are happy to pay for greater comfort. The user-friendly solution raises the appeal of your apartments.

Consolidate your sales prices

Increase the value of the apartment

Three-time winner of design awards in the entry area, parcel and grocery service, reachable everywhere by smartphone, etc.

The digital concierge

increases the price a buyer is prepared to pay for your apartments.

Personal advisor for your project

An expert guides your residential projects from A to Z. They work with the most cost-efficient solution that will raise the comfort levels, always specific to your project.

A dedicated customer success manager

is your guarantee for a successful, worry-free installation.

Let’s lower the construction costs of your project!

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