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Tenant retention: this strategy is a real game changer for building managers

Are you struggling to retain your tenants and wondering what strategy to use? Some Google research will quickly give you a list with superficial tips, tricks & how to’s. But in this day and age, you have to come up with solutions that deal with actual problems and respond to the way tenants live today. This is why automated parcel management ticks almost all boxes for building managers. It not only delivers a top notch customer service, it also takes over a great deal of your daily chores and is cheaper than the often used standalone systems. No wonder it is rapidly becoming the new standard. Read on and find out how it will increase your tenant retention rates.

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Automated Parcel Management: Combat Parcel Chaos to Avoid Frustrations – and Costs

With internet shopping growing more common by the day, the number of parcels being delivered is skyrocketing. In 2021, the average UK family has been receiving 4.5 parcels per month (source: Bringme Delivery Index). When they’re being delivered to residential buildings, they often pile up in the entrance hall as they await collection. They force people to wait at home for their deliveries to come, make them risk loss or theft if they don’t stay home, and inevitably result in entryways becoming a cluttered eyesore.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution.

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How do you use the digital concierge to sell your newly built flats?

Buyers, tenants, and investors now have a multitude of new questions and concerns due to the corona crisis. They want to know if their future flat will be adapted to the new reality. You can use these 5 tools to quickly and easily include Bringme's digital concierge in your strategic communication: there are, among others, standard templates for your specifications, a newsletter, an advertisement, etc.

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Coronavirus and newly built flats: changes to be made

“How virus-resistant is your project?” It is a question that real estate developers definitely did not expect before the coronavirus crisis. But we’re living in a totally different world now.

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“With this success formula I sell an apartment every 48 hours”

As a property advisor in the area around Brussels,​ I am increasingly asked why the sale of our new construction projects runs so smoothly.​ I'll share with you my success formula.

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The sticking points when it comes to new-build apartments according to buyers

What do buyers care about when it comes to buying new-build apartments? Avoid these five points during your construction project to help you sell quicker.

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