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A safe and smooth management of your assets

  • Reduce your costs and make work more enjoyable with a smart IT desk
  • Protect sensitive documents and put ‘privacy by design’ into practice
  • Stop the loss or theft of valuable items
  • Make flexible working and a clean desk policy genuinely possible
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Bringme Box 10 white

A smart box that reduces costs and makes work more enjoyable

The Bringme Box Exchange enables businesses to securely automate their internal logistics. It’s privacy-proof and GDPR-compliant.

Reduce your costs and make work more enjoyable with a smart IT desk

Facilitate exchanges between employees working from home and in the office
CV in Bringme Box

Protect privacy-sensitive information from your employees and customers

Work according to the ‘privacy by design’ principle and enable employees to transfer company-sensitive documents such as contracts and CVs securely and discreetly via the box.

    Data insight into your internal logistics

    Bringme Manager’s Analytics Dashboard provides valuable insights that enable you to further optimise your internal processes and securely manage your users.
      Bringme Box Office

      Make flexible working and the clean desk policy genuinely possible

      Flexible workspaces and clean desk policies can only be genuinely successful when employees can access quick and secure storage linked to their smartphones. Scan. Drop. Go. Pick up.
      Bringme Box detail

      Stop the loss of valuable items

      Transferring items using the Bringme Box Exchange not only saves huge amounts of time for your employees; it also stops things laying around the office, making the loss and theft of valuable items impossible.
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        "The Bringme Box makes it easier to store things until later or to share documents with colleagues who work at a different location."
        • Arnold Kamphuis, Business Unit Manager at Axians
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        Overview Bringme Box 10 White

        Bringme Box Exchange

        A smart parcel box for couriers and parcels

        Bringme Bell

        Bringme Bell

        Smart doorbell for your office

        Bringme Desk

        Bringme Desk

        Sign in visitors at a virtual reception

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