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This virtual
receptionist welcomes
employees and visitors 24/7

It’s an impossible task for today’s reception staff to guarantee safety and hygiene in the context of the coronavirus. The Bringme Desk is the solution here. It receives visitors and employees, implements social distancing, performs a virus risk test, does a fever check, requires visitors and employees to disinfect their hands, issues an ‘all clear’ badge, and informs the host. Moreover, it guarantees considerable cost savings.

Bringme Desk White Bringme Desk White
  • Icon Thermal check

    Smart infrared thermometer

    Checks employees and visitors for fever and generates notifications, if necessary

  • Icon Personal QR code

    Fast sign-in

    Scans QR codes and/or badges for a smooth inflow

  • Icon Visitor Badge

    Integrated printer

    Visitors will receive an ‘all clear’ badge for their visit after registration

  • Icon Anti bacterial


    Repels bacteria and viruses 24/7

  • Icon Health check

    Integrated health check

    Evaluates the virus risk profile of visitors by means of short questions

  • Icon hands free dispenser

    Hands-free alcohol-gel dispenser

    Guarantees that visitors and employees disinfect their hands

This is how you welcome your employees every day

Bringme App QR code

Good morning, scan please!

Employee scans their personal QR code or company badge.

Bringme Desk takes temperature

No fever? Check!

The smart infrared thermometer screens the employee’s temperature quickly and efficiently.

Businessman disinfecting hands

Obligatory hand disinfection? Check!

The employee disinfects their hands using the hands-free alcohol-gel dispenser. After this, they get the ‘all clear’ and can go inside.

This is how you receive visitors

Woman signing in at the Bringme Desk
Icon Thermal check Desk

Welcome. Who are you? Check!

The visitor reports to the desk with their personal QR code.

Document Sign

Do you understand our virus prevention measures? Check!

The visitor ticks off their risk profile and takes note of the prevention policy and the social distancing rules.

Icon Thermal check

No fever? Check!

The smart infrared thermometer screens the visitor’s temperature quickly and efficiently.

Icon hands free dispenser

Hands disinfected? Check!

The visitor is obliged to disinfect their hands with the hands-free alcohol-gel-dispenser, and then the sensor runs the check.

Icon Visitor Badge

Are all the boxes ticked? Here’s your welcome badge!

The visitor receives an ‘all clear’ badge so that the employees know that they have been given the green light.

Alarm notifier

Dear employee, your visitor is here!

The Bringme App sends a notification to the host, and with a single click, the host confirms to the visitor that they are on the way.

Iphone Iphone

This virtual receptionist is always by your side

Bringme includes a super handy app that informs employees in real-time about visitors and deliveries. A desktop version is also available.

  • Your visitor is here

    Get a message when your visitor has received their ‘all clear’ badge.
  • I’m on my way

    Notify your visitor with one click that you are coming to pick them up.
  • Well on your way

    Sign visitors out at the push of a button.

Privacy-proof and safe

Your safety and privacy are our top priority. The Bringme products are ISO27001 IT Security-certified and ISO27701-compliant.

Your users are safe

Add or remove users? With the Bringme Manager, you can do this safely and with respect for the GDPR.

Your data is also safe

For effective analytics and the safe automation of your work processes.

    Antiviral Bringme Desk

    How? Like this!

    • Exterior with permanent antiviral effect
    • Protection against bacteria, microbes, and certain viruses
    • Guaranteed operation through periodic checks and, if necessary, through bacterial tests
    • With built-in, hands-free alcohol-gel dispenser
    Talk To An Expert Jack

    Do you want to save costs with an unmanned reception?
    I’m happy to advise you!

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