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Smart access control with the Bringme Bell

The Bringme Bell gives visitors and couriers clear instructions and keeps the flows separated. Automatic social distancing from the front door!

Bringme Bell Bringme Bell
  • Icon Speech

    Speech assistant
    for visitors

    Asks visitors to sign in at the Bringme Desk

  • Icon Videophone


    For real-time communication after business hours

  • Icon aiguard


    Records images of visitors and opens the door

  • Icon smartkey


    Gives access to employees with company badge

  • Icon Speech

    Voice assistant
    for couriers

    Gives couriers instructions to deliver contactless into the Bringme Box

  • Icon Streamline Alarm

    Doorbell for couriers

    Opens the front door for safe and contactless deliveries

  • Icon LMOS

    Last Mile
    Operating System (LMOS)

    A smart and secure access control for couriers

Reception with a personal touch

The smart bell knows exactly how to guide visitors, suppliers, and couriers.

Bell Visitor Flow Welcome Visitor

Dear visitor, welcome

Are you a visitor? Then the bell sends you on to the desk.

Bell Visitor Flow Welcome Courier

Delivery, dear courier?

Couriers are given limited access with automatic voice instructions to deliver contactless into the Bringme Box.

Bell Visitor Flow Welcome Employee

Come in, dear employee

Employees and consultants are also registered and greeted.

Iphone Iphone

Also accessible outside business hours

Connects applicants or visitors outside office hours directly to the smartphone of the employee or building manager. Nobody in front of a closed door anymore.
    Bringme Key

    And for your employees:
    the Bringme

    This smart key with RFID technology and certified safety cylinder allows employees to open the front door, the Bringme Box, and the intermediate doors with a simple swipe. It’s as simple as that!
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      Optimise your virtual reception with

      Bringme Desk

      Bringme Desk

      For the safe registration of visitors and employees

      Bringme Box

      Bringme Box

      Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box