Your virtual receptionist welcomes you and your visitors

You and your colleagues can sign in swiftly and safely too

The Bringme Desk is always first to greet you at the office. This virtual receptionist ensures that your office environment remains safe: every employee takes a moment to run through the safety and prevention measures before they enter the workplace.

Scan your Bringme Key

Sign in at the desk with the QR code from the Bringme app or with your company pass. Check!

Run through the safety procedure

Answer the questions the desk asks you. Check!

Sanitise your hands

Finally, sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser dispenser, so you can start work safely. Check!

Welcome your visitor smoothly & safely

Organising a meeting? Invite your visitor in advance and preregister them. Now that’s what we call a warm and safe welcome! Here’s how it works:

Invite your visitor

Send a meeting invitation to your visitor from your diary. Don’t forget to also invite ‘[email protected]’.

QR code

Your visitors will receive an email with their QR code and a brief overview of your company’s safety and prevention measures.


Is your visitor signed-in at the desk? The Bringme App will send you a notification.

This is how the desk works for visitors

Your visitor has signed in

Visitors can sign themselves in at the desk or with the QR code from the invitation email. It doesn’t get any safer than this!

You’ll receive a message

You’ll receive a notification as soon as they have registered. Right on time.

See you next time!

Once the meeting is over, sign your visitor out with a single push of a button. Easy peasy!

Any questions?

Check out the FAQs in our Help Center.