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How to achieve high tenant retention rates? Get Living gets it.


Award-winning build to rent operator Get Living offers simple, straightforward renting across London and Manchester. Since launching in 2013, Get Living has led the way for the private rental sector with no fees, no deposits and longer, secure tenancies as standard.

As a business driven by great customer service, the Get Living team are continually looking at ways to enhance their residents’ living experience, including introducing Bringme’s smart technology into its Elephant and Castle development.

Removing daily frustrations with smart technology

The rental market in the UK is a competitive one, so if you want to be a part of it, you need to be able to meet customers’ growing expectations so that they want to stay with you in the long term. It’s all about delivering best in class service: finding ways to give residents more space, time and choice.

That’s why Get Living decided to equip their building lobbies at Elephant Central with a Bringme Box. This smart parcel box receives tenants’ online orders without any involvement of the on-site relationship managers.

Couriers deliver the parcels directly into the box, so the residents’ privacy is always guaranteed. In addition, this keeps the stylish lobbies looking tidy and the Bringme App keeps track of all deliveries and informs the residents in real time.

‘Landlord of the Year’ Award

Every year at the RESI Awards, UK landlords can enter for the Landlord of the Year Award in recognition of delivering quality homes and service. Get Living has won this award four times, most recently in 2019, for driving impressive tenant retention rates.

Bringme Box Get Living
Jane Reeves
“We achieve high resident satisfaction and retention rates by offering best-in-class services,” comments Jane Reeves, general manager of Elephant Central by Get Living.“
Part of that is about eliminating daily frustrations, such as having to wait in line to sign for an Amazon package. Our residents use the Bringme Box daily and appreciate the flexibility of being able to collect their parcels at a time convenient to them. They find the Bringme App easy to use and it gives them more visibility on delivery times which provides reassurance.”

Attracting new tenants with excellent services

Nowadays people are used to ordering things they need online, but they are not always at home to receive them. This is an issue that potential tenants want to see taken care of. The Bringme Box offers a solution for these concerns.

“When the team is conducting viewings with potential residents, they are often asked questions about deliveries and storing packages so the idea of being able to access their parcels anytime is really appealing,” explains Jane. “It’s definitely seen as adding convenience and therefore value.”
Bringme Box Get Living

Why Get Living offers Bringme’s services

The Bringme Box supports Get Living in:

  • delivering a great living experience
  • maintaining a high tenant retention rate
  • renting apartments to new people more easily

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