Automate your parcel handling, streamline efficiency

Free up time at your reception by eliminating all tasks related to parcel management.

  • Automate your parcel delivery and collection.
  • Securely store deliveries to avoid parcel label fraud.
  • Receive notifications and reminders about deliveries.

Automate your parcel flow while enhancing your company's security

Nearly all your mailroom operations can be automated, saving valuable resources.
Enhance your operational effectiveness by focusing on these key areas:

Organisation & tidiness

Prevent a cluttered front desk by having parcels delivered in the Box.

Efficiency & availability

Automate parcel handling and let your team focus on core tasks.

Security & privacy

Safeguard parcels from theft, loss, or damage by storing in the Box.

Private parcels at work, without the hassle

Facilitating parcel deliveries for your employees at work significantly enhances their convenience. The Bringme Box offers this service, posing no additional tasks or costs, and ensuring an undisturbed workflow.

Still wasting resources on secure and efficient parcel management?

0% intervention 95% ROI

Go beyond simple convenience — The Bringme Box delivers an impressive ROI through operational refinement. Give your company the potential to substantially slash parcel reception costs by up to 98%.

Don’t take our word for it

Discover how more than 1500 companies completely transformed their parcel management with Bringme's all-in-one solution.

"Only when we started using the Bringme Box did we realize how much time we had previously lost with parcel management."

Evelyn Derycke, chief people officer Carya Group

Keep your compliance in check

Securely capturing and storing all essential data, we ensure effortless regulatory compliance. With ISO 27001 certification, NIS 2 compliance, and alignment with GDPR, your company is in safe hands.

Ready to upgrade your parcel management?

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