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Smart access control for your company

  • Welcomes visitors, couriers, and suppliers
  • Keeps flows separate and implements social distancing from the front door
  • Gives clear instructions to everyone who enters
  • For remote use and outside business hours
Woman scanning key at bringme bell small new smartkey
Bell app packshot bell interface

Greetings through the doorbell

The smart voice assistant gives clear instructions to couriers and visitors and keeps the flows separate as from the front door. The AI-Guard surveillance camera keeps watch 24/7. Corona-proof. Automatic. Safe.
Bringme bell office close up screen Office Bringme

Social distancing starts at the bell

The Bringme Bell keeps the front door locked tight and ensures a safe inflow and outflow of everyone who enters the company. Plus, there’s no need for the receptionist to intervene.

Courier delivering office pressing Bringme bell

In and out!

The smart doorbell gives couriers limited access and clear instructions. They just deliver and then they’re gone.

Smart bell for the 2m economy

No waiting at the front door and still maintaining social distancing: your Bringme Bell will take care of it.
Bringme Desk at Bringme Joris scan key

Give employees one key to everything

A single key for the Bringme Bell, Box, and Desk. Contactless. Super. Fast.

Bringme Bell media library i Mac Mockup

Safety asset

The built-in camera captures everything and stores the images for 14 days. Safe. Easy. Privacy-proof.
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Optimise your virtual reception with

Overview Bringme Desk

Bringme Desk

For the safe registration of visitors and employees

Overview Bringme Box Black Dispenser

Bringme Box

Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box

Product overview bell

Bringme Bell

To speak to couriers without physical contact

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