Boerenbond handles private parcels at work discreetly

Boerenbond is fine with private deliveries at work, as long as employee privacy is respected and preferably without burdening the reception desk with the responsibility for all these parcels. Director Philippe Masscheleyn and receptionist Ria Torbeyns explain their new parcel policy.

Ria used to sign off for about six parcels a day. After signing for them, she would take the parcels to the post point, where the employees had until 4 p.m. to pick up their parcels. Occasionally, a parcel has unfortunately disappeared, but who is responsible for this? Another annoyance is that the nature, branding on the packaging, and the sender provide an insight into employees’ private lives.

In the short video above, Philippe and Ria share how the Bringme Box provided a solution to their concerns.