Bringme is the ideal match for Techyard in terms of cost efficiency and security

When the receptionist role at Techyard phased out, office & event manager Astrid decided to take on the traditional reception tasks herself. However, she soon realised that these repetitive tasks were hindering her workflow. To ensure efficient parcel and visitor management at the reception without wasting time or causing frustrations for employees like Astrid, Techyard opted for Bringme. The Digital Reception was the perfect solution in terms of safety and cost efficiency… without the burden of additional staff.

Why Techyard opted for the Digital Reception:

  • Fully unstaffed: The Digital Reception autonomously handles all parcel and visitor management tasks.
  • Cost efficiency: By implementing the Digital Reception, Techyard achieves significant annual savings that would otherwise be spent on a full-time employee.
  • Security: Tailored specifically for companies in the security sector like Techyard.

Repetitive reception tasks lead to frustrations

Techyard is an innovative organisation comprising various companies, each dedicated to providing traditional industries with sustainable solutions in safety and efficiency. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the receptionist role at Techyard was phased out. Consequently, Astrid, in her capacity as office & event Manager, took over the reception duties at the Antwerp office. "I assumed the additional work wouldn't be a big deal, but it quickly led to a lot of frustration as I couldn't perform my own job anymore," she shares.

Given the significant costs of hiring staff, we started exploring alternative solutions for managing parcel delivery.

Cost efficiency as a priority

As Astrid found it increasingly challenging to manage both her primary responsibilities and receptionist duties, it became imperative to seek an efficient solution. Astrid remarks: “Hiring additional personnel can be quite expensive these days, prompting us to seek an alternative for managing parcels and visitors.” By switching to Bringme's Digital Reception, Techyard now saves significantly on the costs that a full-time receptionist would entail.

Knowing who is in our building is crucial for us. Bringme turned out to be the perfect solution, allowing us to remotely monitor who enters and exits the building.

Simple management of access control

“It's crucial for us to know who's coming in and out. Now, I can remotely monitor who's in the building and check for parcel deliveries, either through the Bringme app or online," explains Astrid. The Digital Reception automatically records every delivery and visitor arrival, offering seamless service and tight access control, entirely independent of working hours."