Why Bringme increases the safety of office buildings in London

In bustling East London, tall buildings are springing up like mushrooms. But the dreamed-of and immensely popular location is also a real head-scratcher for building managers. How do they ensure safety in these turbulent times? How do they guarantee their clients and employees not only a top location, but also 'top security'? Building Manager Bevan Vollenhoven of Telephone House explains how Bringme's digital concierge helps him to guarantee security.

Safety is a top priority for building managers and a full-time job, not only in London but in many other large cities as well. One of the ways to achieve that is making the switch to centralized and supervised parcel processing. Especially since the associated technology is being refined and updated non-stop with the latest state-of-the-art possibilities.

The problem: everyone could just walk in

"Telephone House is home to seven completely different companies,” Bevan starts off. “When I started working here, there was no solution for post and parcel processing. You can only imagine what the explosive growth of parcels meant on an average workday: everyone could just walk in.” That bothered Bevan and was the first change he made: From then on, everyone making a delivery was required to check in at reception to provide information about the delivery, the company, and their number plate.

And yet, Bevan still wasn't happy with the solution. "Very nice, of course, to know who the delivery's for. In the end, however, you still had no control once the couriers were inside."

The solution: Bringme Box in the cellar

He then bumped into Bringme by chance. “As soon as the concept was explained to me, I saw how many doors the Bringme Box opened for us – and I don’t mean that literally,” Bevan says. “The box was installed in the cellar for maximum accessibility. The messengers don't have to make their way to the various floors to deliver their parcels to the companies. Since parcels are no longer entering the building unchecked, everything is a lot easier to keep track of for us."

With the Bringme box, we have an overview of who's delivering what and where it's going. Not only does that increase security, it also saves us substantial time.

The result: staff stopped losing two or three hours

The Bringme Box's main task is to centralise the large flow of parcels, to increase the safety, and to make things a little bit easier for everyone: for building managers and companies based in the building, but also for messenger services. Bevan: "We had no overview of everything coming in the course of a day. Now we know exactly who's delivering what and where it's going."

How enormous that flow was, became obvious when reception staff stopped losing two or three hours just handling parcels on a daily basis. Some companies have their own mailrooms, but they still opt to accept orders via the Bringme Box. "They think it's safer. The parcels are in the box and they're not going anywhere. In the mailroom, there's always an off chance that stuff goes missing."

Safety first

With everything that's going on in the world, we are glad to keep an overview of all parcel deliveries, increasing the safety for everyone who works and lives in the building.”

For Bevan and his colleagues, the work is never done, but Telephone House has made the switch to safe deliveries together with Bringme.

It's great to be able to contribute to security at Telephone House and in other office and residential buildings in London. Safety first!