Automate your reception’s parcel management

  • Allow couriers to deliver parcels autonomously.
  • Store deliveries securely to prevent fraud.
  • Receive real-time notifications about your parcel.

A parcel locker that handles every delivery


In the Bringme Box, parcels are always protected against theft, loss, or misuse.


Every courier service delivers parcels directly to the Box, ensuring a tidy reception area.


Employees receive a notification and collect their parcel at their convenience.

Automated parcel management without a receptionst

Avoid burdening employees with typical reception tasks. By delegating tasks like parcel management to the Bringme Box, employees can focus on what really matters, and parcels remain securely stored until the recipient picks them up.

Still relying on a full-time employee to receive parcels?

The Bringme Box relieves your employees

Allow your employees to receive parcel at work and significantly increase their comfort. The Bringme Box provides this service and guarantees an uninterrupted workflow, without extra effort or cost.

The Digital Reception keeps you up-to-date

Your AI Office Assistant, Jaimie, keeps employees informed via the internal communication channel.

  • Real-time notifications of delivered parcels.
  • Updates on the arrival of visitors.
  • Integration with Teams, Outlook and Bringme app.

Ready to automate your parcel management?

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Don’t take our word for it

Discover how more than 1500 companies completely transformed their parcel management with Bringme's all-in-one solution.

"With the Bringme Box, we can ensure that all deliveries are securely stored until they are collected, providing peace of mind for our staff and clients."

Carley Bright - General Manager, 245 Hammersmith Road

Keep your compliance in check

Securely capturing and storing all essential data, we ensure effortless regulatory compliance. With ISO 27001 certification, NIS 2 compliance, and alignment with GDPR, your company is in safe hands.