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Deliver and collect without physical contact

  • Respect social distancing and make contactless delivery the norm
  • Automate receiving parcels and exchanging materials
  • Avoid unnecessary physical interaction between visitors, couriers, suppliers, and employees
  • Eliminate reception tasks and save significantly on your costs
Parcel delivery in the box
Bringme Box & App

The virtual reception that does everything on your behalf

The Bringme Box is not just a locker system, it’s a contactless, digital reception that automates not only deliveries, but also internal logistics.

Contactless delivery as the new normal

Keep a safe distance between employees, visitors, couriers, and suppliers at the reception desk.

Bringme App delivery

Parcel delivered? The recipient receives a message

Thanks to the smart communication via the app, no one makes unnecessary journeys and you limit physical interactions.

Bringme Box Office

Everything is automatic, even between colleagues!

Also let colleagues use the box as much as possible and make contactless exchanges.

Man taking a parcel

The box takes over up to 90% of the reception tasks

No more signing off and storing parcels, no interaction with suppliers, or calling employees. The cost savings are huge.

Iphone Iphone

One app to receive visitors and deliveries safely

Parcel delivered? Has your visitor arrived? Then the Bringme App sends a message directly to the recipient or host. Safe, contactless, and time-saving!
    Employee putting an item into the Bringme Box

    Contactless delivery between colleagues is the norm

    Exchanging documents or IT materials? With the box, this is now safe and contactless, 24/7.
      Black calculator near ballpoint pen

      Why you save significant costs with Bringme

      • With the Bringme Box alone, you can digitise and automate the majority of the reception tasks.
      • With the golden duo of the Bringme Desk + Bringme Box, you create a fully-fledged virtual reception desk that takes over more than 90% of the repetitive reception tasks.
      • No need to make an investment because you can simply rent the Box and the Desk.
      • This virtual reception solution allows a company to save an average of 45,000 pounds per year. Moreover, you reduce sickness absence.

        Six extra reasons to request a quote right now

        Employee benefit

        You reassure your employees and offer them a safe working environment with comfortable services.

        Less absenteeism due to illness

        You strengthen work hygiene and limit the transmission of viruses, including within your company.


        Your reception is only open at certain times, your Bringme Box is open all hours.

        Considerably less CO2

        Orders are combined and there are no home deliveries. Fewer trips, less CO2 and above all better air.


        The app keeps the user informed of all transactions. Discussions, fraud and loss are a thing of the past.

        Award Winning Design

        The virtual reception from Bringme is an eye-catcher, wherever you put it.

        Bringme Box at Boerenbond
        From the management’s point of view, the Bringme Box is quite reassuring. An easy and safe way to receive parcels without contact.
        • Philippe Masscheleyn, Directeur at Boerenbond & Landelijke Gilden
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        Optimise your virtual reception with

        Bringme Box

        Bringme Box

        Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box

        Bringme Desk

        Bringme Desk

        For the safe registration of visitors and employees

        Bringme Bell

        Bringme Bell

        To speak to couriers without physical contact

        companies schools residences hospitals
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