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Hybrid working with smart tools

An unstaffed reception makes hybrid working much easier. It can support employees working at home and in the office, and it can solve most of the problems we face at the moment: it can take parcels and post for home workers, it makes handovers within teams a lot easier, it can handle asset management and much more — all as part of a neat all-in-one solution.

  • Always know who is working where
  • Receive and store deliveries and parcels for colleagues who are off work
  • Facilitate equipment handovers within hybrid teams
  • Keep a 24/7 overview of work equipment and internal assets
Employee hybrid working from home
The Bringme Box at Barco

Safely store parcels when teleworking

There’s no need for anyone to worry about who’s coming into the office and who’s working from home. With the Bringme Box, parcels and deliveries are automatically received and safely stored until the employee in question visits the office.

Here’s how it works:

  • The home worker receives a notification;
  • They pick up their parcel when it suits them;
  • Or they forward the delivery to a co-worker.
Bringme box It material internal logistics

IT service desk for the hybrid workplace

Get ready for the new hybrid workplace by having (IT) equipment permanently at hand in the smart Box. Both home and office workers can pick items up 24/7, whenever they need them.

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    No one needs to be at the office for a collection

    Employees can simply place deliveries for suppliers or customers in the Bringme Box, ready for collection with a one-off pick-up code. In other words: they don’t need to stay at the office, and customers can collect when it suits them. Flexibility for everyone!

    Track & trace for personal work equipment

    Now that employees are a lot more mobile, they also use their personal work equipment (PC, mouse, charger etc.) at home. Maintain a clear overview and make sure nothing gets lost by having all equipment exchanged via the Box. Automatic stock updates make things even easier.

    Blog Revolutie Interne logistiek v2

    Simplify handovers between teams

    Enable hybrid workers to hand items over safely and comfortably. With the smart Bringme Box, office workers can deliver equipment or contracts to home workers, who simply pick them up as soon as they visit the office. That’s how easy things can be!

    200526 DESK4

    Working from home? Visitors are welcomed automatically

    If an employee is working from home and a visitor or supplier unexpectedly turns up at the office to see them, they’ll get a notification at home via the Bringme app with the option to refer their guest to a co-worker with a single press of a button. There’s always someone who can help!

    Iphone Iphone

    A genuine team feeling during virtual meetings

    Make sure that home workers get exactly the same experience as office workers during meetings. With the Bringme App, they can see exactly when customers and hybrid meeting attendees arrive at the office. Just like if they were there in person.

    • Increase engagement for co-workers working remotely.
    • Improve efficiency.
    • Simplify cooperation between teams.
      Holding Phone Mockup handover

      Post straight into the hands of your teams

      Simplify cooperation by having post delivered per department in the Bringme Box. The entire team will get a notification, and whichever team member is physically at the office can collect the post. That’s what real teamwork looks like!

        Bringme manager main mockup

        Know when every one of your employees is working

        Who’s working from home today, and who’s at the office? Bringme Manager provides a clear overview. Keep an eye 24/7 on office capacity and have an evacuation list ready at the push of a button in case of emergencies.

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        Optimise your unstaffed reception with

        Bringme Desk

        Bringme Desk

        For the safe registration of visitors and employees

        Bringme Box

        Bringme Box

        Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box

        Bringme Bell

        Bringme Bell

        To speak to couriers without physical contact