Improve safety and security in the workplace

Provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees, increase security for visitors, and keep out intruders. Protect business assets, ideas, and intellectual property, etc.

  • Create a safe and secure workplace
  • Safeguard parcels and deliveries
  • Reassure visitors
  • Protect your staff

Reassure visitors with preventative measures

Send visitors an invitation email in advance, listing preventative measures, all necessary info and a unique QR-code to register. Then you will always know who is present in the building and make a lasting professional impression.

Here’s how it works:

Welcome to our offices

Are you inviting a client to a meeting? Then they’ll be pre-registered immediately.

This is how the visit will go

The client receives an email with a QR code and an explanation of the preventative measures and any health check. That way, they’re completely updated and they feel safe.

Scan QR code and enter!

They simply scan their QR code at the Desk for a quick check-in. No receptionist required.

Safety at work, down to the last detail

All details are important when building a secure line of defence. For example, Wi-Fi codes, visitor badges, and so on.

Visitor badge for a feeling of safety

Only allow visitors to enter that have a special 'all clear' badge. This is how staff know that they checked in at the entrance and are correctly registered.

Securely share your Wi-Fi with visitors

Protect your corporate network and automatically send your visitors the correct details. Time saving and extra secure.

Protect intellectual property & privacy

Your reception is the first line of defence against intruders. Bringme protects not only your staff, but also your property and ideas. You never have to worry about them again. Have each visitor sign a visitor agreement with a privacy statement and non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Create a safe workplace with 'invite only'

By installing QR code scanners on both the front and middle doors, you can enhance security measures and control access to specific areas for visitors and staff. This way, you can prevent intruders from gaining access to restricted areas.

Control who is in your building

In case of an emergency, you can create an evacuation list at the push of a button and have it ready for emergency services. Increase safety and security by keeping an overview of who is present at all times.

Safeguard parcels and deliveries 24/7

Install a Bringme Box as a central pick-up point for personal deliveries or sensitive B2B parcels.

Fully secured post room

The Bringme Box automates the process of receiving and returning parcels and deliveries, eliminating the need for couriers and suppliers to pass through the reception area. Safe and efficient.

Never lose a delivery again

Only the intended recipient can take the parcel out of the Box. Never worry about lost parcels ever again. Ideal for hybrid staff.

"The increase in parcels disturbed everyone's concentration, so the company installed a smart parcel box"

- Laura de Rosa, Carconnex

A safe welcome begins at the front door

Unlock your front door with the smart Bringme Bell. The voice assistant gives visitors and couriers clear instructions and shows them the way.

Create a safety protocol for your staff

Use a uniform safety protocol tailored to your company: safety footwear, hard hat, other measures, etc.

Efficient (IT) asset management. 24/7.

A lot of time and money go into managing (IT) assets and other materials. Prevent loss, theft, or doubts. Automate your asset management with the Bringme Box and have a track and trace overview so you will never lose sensitive documents or assets ever again.

Digital access control for first class safety

Switch from mechanically based locking and access systems to digital for additional workplace safety. The Bringme Key fits the entire Bringme ecosystem and works with digital authentication. This system is much safer and provides a superior user experience.

Do you want to save costs with a digital reception?

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