Companies create a completely new visitor experience thanks to the Bringme Desk

Jo Vandebergh, Chief Enabling Officer

With the Bringme Box, we offer a fantastic solution for the automation of company deliveries, but welcoming your visitors is just as important. After all, every visitor can become a customer or real ambassador of your company. This is the main idea behind the Bringme Desk concept. We want to help companies create a unique visitor experience, as well as lowering the operational costs of their reception.

A proper reception desk…

When I asked one of our customers why he hadn’t installed a visitor management system yet, I was given a clear response: “We did try, but asking a client to register on a tablet that’s used by children to watch Netflix in the evening is almost an insult. ”So, there is a need for a professional and visually appealing reception desk, which automates rather than digitises, and relieves receptionists of repetitive daily tasks, allowing them to concentrate on matters that add value, such as travel and fleet management.

An ‘eye-catcher’ in the reception area

Our aim with the desk, as with the Bringme Box, was to produce a timeless design. We paid considerable attention to its appearance so that companies can feel proud to put it in their entrance hall.

When a potential client told me that the batteries had exploded in the tablet that visitors were using to register, we realised once again the importance of using professional components. That’s why the Bringme Desk has no batteries, instead featuring a professional multi-scanner that allows ultra-fast visitor registration. After all, you don’t take any risks when it comes to the safety of your customers and visitors.

The ‘on my way’ button

Another annoyance that we’ve resolved is the fact that there is often a delay for hosts with a traditional registration system in finding out that their visitor has arrived. Using the ‘on my way’ button, hosts confirm that they’re aware their visitor is waiting with a simple click.

Unlike other visitor management systems, we don’t assume that visitors check themselves out upon departure. Using the Bringme App, it’s the employees themselves who sign their visitors out with a single click. No trivial matter, when you think how important an accurate visitor list becomes in the event of a fire.

Fast ‘scan-in’

Interestingly, over 250,000 Bringme users are already able to sign themselves in as a visitor at any company with just a simple scan at the Bringme Desk. Also, all pre-registered visitors can register themselves with a QR-scan in a fraction of a second. In doing so, they immediately receive a Wi-Fi code, allowing them to connect with the guest Wi-Fi hotspot offered by the desk and prepare for the meeting.

Last but not least

Every courier and supplier can scan parcels at the Bringme Desk and receive proof of delivery. The app informs recipients in real time that they can come and collect their parcels.

We have already installed the first Bringme Desks for our enthusiastic customers.