A warm welcome. Fully automatic.

The Bringme Desk is not a classic visitor management system but an automatic sign-in for visitors and suppliers. Greet your guests in style and help them on their way. Couriers can simply register parcels and the desk signs for them. Safely, automatically, 24/7.

An indelible first impression

An indelible first impression

Give your visitors a wow feeling and welcome them in a professional way. Help out couriers and suppliers with a clear point of contact. Visitor experience starts at the front door.
Fast and intuitive self-service

Fast and intuitive self-service

Visitors simply register themselves and indicate who they are visiting. Completely safely.

Bringme notifies the employee.

The host is sent a notification, the visitor a personal welcome message. Done in an instant.

Couriers and suppliers register the delivery themselves.

They register themselves at the desk and register the parcel in one click. Fully automatically.

Bringme signs for receipt.

The desk delivers a proof of receipt and the employee is sent a notification. Super easy.

Why opt for Bringme Desk?

Unique visitor experience

Impress with a reception which is as modern as your company.

A clear point of contact

Help out visitors, couriers and suppliers.

Comply with privacy regulations

Respect the privacy. Discretely receive visitors, suppliers, couriers and parcels.

Give your receptionist valuable tasks

Focus on what really counts and leave the repetitive tasks to the desk.

Create a safe working place

Know who is in the building at any time thanks to the automatic registration.

Protect your intellectual property

Protect your work environment, knowhow and ideas from right at the front door.

Sometimes, 3 employees were running to the reception simultaneously when a courier checked in. You do the math. Now everything is automated.
  • Pieter de Koning, Decos Facility Manager
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