Unique visitor management system

The Bringme Desk is a visitor registration system that takes care of your entire visitor management. It autonomously receives visitors 24/7, performs more tasks than a real-life receptionist, and maintains a uniform safety protocol, including for your employees.

More safety, less operational costs.

  • Fast Sign-in

    The visitor scans the personal QR code he received in his invitation e-mail. Come on in.

  • Prevention measures

    The visitor endorses the preventive measures that apply in your company. Totally safe.

  • NDA

    The visitor signs a non disclosure agreement (NDA) if necessary. No risks.

  • Privacy Statement

    The visitor signs the privacy policy. Everything as it should be.

  • All Clear Badge

    The integrated printer prints out a visitor's badge. Peace of mind.

It couldn’t be easier for the host

Your visitor has arrived!

As soon as the visitor logs in at the desk, the host is alerted via the app.

Reminder: don’t forget about your visitor!

Still busy when your visitor arrives? Just hit ‘snooze’ and you’ll get a reminder five minutes later.

Log the visitor out

Is the meeting over? Then you can easily sign your visitor out with the push of a button.

Visitor experience starts at the front door

The desk works together with the smart Bringme Bell: it welcomes visitors and gives couriers limited access and clear instructions. No need for a receptionist anymore!

VIP visitor management app

Never left just waiting

The host sends their visitors a notification at the push of a button if they cannot come pick them up yet. So they always know what’s up. For peace of mind.

The visitor gets all the attention!

Can the host not pick up their visitor in time? Then they can forward the visit to a colleague and ask them to take care of the visitor. For impeccable service!

Everything runs smoothly

To forget is human. Fortunately, the app sends an alarm signal in time if the host does not pick up their visitor. For a first-class experience.

This is how the desk welcomes employees

Good morning, scan please!

Employee scans their personal QR code or company badge.

Safety protocol? Check!

The desk registers every employee and does a short security check, so you know exactly who is in the building.

All clear? Check!

The employee disinfects their hands using the hands-free alcohol-gel dispenser. After this, they get the ‘all clear-badge’ and can go inside.

6 key features for a visitor management solution

Award winning design

Create a unique visitor experience.

Real-time notifications

Notify the host when their visitors arrive.

Digital signing

Have NDAs or other documents signed digitally.

Customised sign-in

Customise the Bringme Desk to your company.

Health checklist

Keep the workplace safe every day.

Speed up the sign-in flow

Send visitors an invitation email with relevant info.

Customise the Bringme Desk to your workflows

Create the optimal visitor experience. Offer visitors and employees a customised experience. Upload your company logo and colours, personalise your welcome email, etc. See the possibilities here.

  • Sign-in flow
  • Notifications
  • Visitor badges
  • Registrations
  • Legal documents
  • API integration
  • Visitor dashboard
  • Multi-tenants
  • Data security & On-site safety
  • Health and hygiene

Do you want to save costs with an unstaffed reception?

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