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Bringme contributes to the innovative image of business incubator


Before Bringme:

  • 10 to 15 movements a day to receive parcels.
  • 1 to 2 hours wasted every day.
  • Dozens of parcels stored in an office.

After Bringme:

  • Increased productivity and more value-added tasks.
  • A stylish box in the entrance hall which contributes to the innovative image of the business incubator.
  • Parcels are stored in total security.
Bringme Use Case Receptioniste CCI

30 companies under the same roof

The Carré des Affaires of the Littoral Hauts-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Calais is a business incubator that houses around thirty different small companies in the same building. Géraldine Sidwell is a Secretary in the Property and Heritage division & Coordinator at the Carré des Affaires. As her office is located not far from the building entrance, up to the end of last year, she was the one who received all the parcels that arrived for the tenants.

Constantly disturbed

“I received at least 10 to 15 parcels every day. And much more in the festive period...” says Géraldine. “Each time I had to interrupt my work, get up, leave my office, open up to the delivery people, sign for receipt, store the parcels in a safe place that happened to be my office and inform the recipients. It easily took me one or two hours a day. I was constantly disturbed.”

Bringme Case CCI Geraldine Sidwell working reception

“The Bringme Box saves me 1 to 2 hours a day, which I dedicate to value-added tasks.”

- Géraldine Sidwell, Secretary in the Property and Heritage division & Coordinator at the Carré des Affaires of the CCI Littoral Hauts-de-France.

The Bringme Box - a well-developed product

Optimisation of delivery was in order. The CCI decided to automate the delivery management process. It was looking for a secure and connected parcel box like an Amazon Locker, but for multiple delivery people. “We wanted a parcel distributor at the office that would be secure and innovative and could be installed and used immediately,' explains Géraldine. By researching the market and performing a benchmark study, the CCI discovered the Bringmebox parcel distributor. “The solution seemed well developed for the management of deliveries, with a text message sent automatically to the recipient who could come and pick up their parcel from a connected locker. That’s what we needed.”

Immediate adoption

The Bringme Box was installed in the entrance hall at the beginning of 2021. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all the tenants who have access to the building.

“From the outset, the tenants were very curious and intrigued by this large, stylish locker that was installed in the entrance. I organised an information session to introduce the Bringme Box, its advantages and how it worked. They immediately liked it and are still very satisfied. The process is very simple and it’s easy to adopt.” - Géraldine Sidwell, Secretary in the Property and Heritage division & Coordinator at the Carré des Affaires of the CCI Littoral Hauts-de-France.
Bringme CCI Case Box on location

More value-added tasks

The delivery people needed a short time to adapt because they weren’t familiar with this type of smart parcel box. The CCI displayed information to explain how the box worked. In the meantime they have become perfectly used to this type of contactless delivery. More than 90% of parcels are delivered directly in the Bringme Box, without Géraldine being disturbed: “My role has changed. I now have more time for coordination and other value-added tasks. I’m more productive today.”

Innovation model

The Carré des Affaires in Calais is a cutting edge business incubator. It wants to make its concept innovative by offering as many services as possible to the businesses hosted and to be a model for other business incubators in the region. “The Bringme Box is a very innovative parcel box that is part of a comprehensive package of services for tenants,” concludes Géraldine.

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