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The Virtual Receptionist

Automated Visitor Management
Preregister visitors from your internet calendar
Preregister visitors and groups quickly and easily
Give preregistered visitors a QR code for fast sign-in
Send invitation mails with useful info tailored to your needs
Send visitors a reminder 1 hour before the meeting
Sign in flow
Let visitors sign in using a personal QR code
Provide information about the company’s safety procedures
Prepare a health checklist
Print visitor badge via printer
Require visitors to disinfect their hands using contact-free hand sanitiser
Send the host a notification that the visitor is signed in
Send the host a reminder via the app if they do not pick up visitors
Let visitors know if the host is delayed
Have the host’s colleague welcome the visitor
Let visitors know that the host is on their way
Provide visitors with the Wi-Fi details for the meeting
Create personalised fields and questions
Sign out flow
Let visitors sign out using their QR preregistration code
Let the host sign visitors out via the app
Automated Employee Management
Sign in and out flow
Let employees sign in using their Bringme Key or company badge
Provide information about your company’s safety procedures
Create a health checklist for employees
Require employees to disinfect their hands using hand sanitiser
Let employees sign out using their company badge
Bringme Desk
Communication using a smartphone and/or videocom
XXL touchscreen
Anti viral coating
Battery free
Integrated printer
Bringme One Key For All
Touchfree hand sanitizer
LIOS Last Inch Operating System
NFC/QR code scanner
Automated Access Management
Personalised access control
Automated image and voice instructions for visitors and couriers
Give couriers their own bell with restricted access
Give employees secure access using their company badge
QR code access to visitors
Give preregistered visitors access to the building using their QR code
Let visitors use the QR code to open (interior) doors
Let visitors leave the building using the QR code
Give visitors access to the car park using the QR code
Bringme Bell
HD camera with image storage
RFID/NFC scanner
QR code scanner
Automated voice/image assistance
Bringme One Key for All
LIOS Last Inch Operating System
Anti viral coating
Automated Delivery Management
Receive, send, and return
Automated receipt of parcels
Pick up parcels contact-free via the app using the QR code
Pick up parcels contact-free using the Bringme Key or company badge
Reserve a compartment for pick-up via the app
Get a notification in the app when a delivery has been made
Automated checkout certificate issued
Fast-scan delivery for all couriers
Send parcels
Return orders to web shop using the app
Create shipping labels for shipments and returns
Add a photo to pick-up messages in the app
Track & trace via the app
LIOS: Last Inch Operating System
Automated Asset Management
Deliver quickly and securely between colleagues with proof of delivery and pick-up notification
Have spare parts available
Keep (IT) equipment inventory up-to-date
Make 24/7 pick-up/return of (IT) equipment possible for employees
Full track & trace of the assets
Hand over items with photo and message
Bringme Box
Antiviral coating
Touchfree hand sanitizer
Led mood lighting
Patented compartment detection system
Compartment lighting
Mirrored back wall & stainless steel guides
LIOS Last Inch Operating System
Bringme One Key For All
Simple and fast delivery by scanning the parcel
Analytics Dashboard

Bringme Manager

Manage multiple locations
Create multiple sign-in and sign-out flows
Multi-tenant management
Create a team of managers
Have an analytics dashboard for optimisation
Have an overview of who is in the building at any time
Have an evacuation list immediately available in case of emergency
HD camera with image storage
Show company logo
Upload CSV file with unlimited number of users
Add an unlimited number of employees to your list
Send automated communication to users
Integrate with your employee database using automated onboarding
Have an overview of employees who do not comply with the safety protocol
See the visitors’ previous visits
Have a real-time visitor log
Sign visitors out and delete them with a single click
Manually add a visitor
Have an overview of visitors who do not comply with the safety protocol
Automated sign-out of visitors after midnight
Reception button for exception management
Parcels and deliveries
Manually add an exceptional delivery
Pick-up elsewhere exceptionally using specific instructions
Have an overview of exceptional deliveries
Integrations (Bringme API)
Link Bringme to your own user directory
Integrate Bringme into your own web or mobile applications
Link company badges with MiFare NFC tags

IT security & GDPR compliance

IT security and GDPR audit
Secure multi-level authentication
Integrated penetration test
ISO 27700 IT security certificate & ISO 27701 GDPR compliance extension


Personal Customer Success Manager
In-house Help Center for users and administrators
Control room for quick remote interventions
On-site intervention team

Communication & management

All products are supplied including the Bringme App & Manager