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The virtual receptionist keeps visitors and employees safe

  • Implement the new standards for social distancing and contactless delivery
  • Increase the health of your workplace through virus risk tests and hand disinfection among visitors and employees
  • Protect your company with a fully automated visitor and delivery management system
  • Automate all time-consuming and repetitive reception tasks
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Virtual Reception

Digital, contactless and more than welcome!

Meet the Bringme Desk, Bringme Box and Bringme Bell. Together, they form a complete virtual reception that not only takes over the tasks of your reception staff, but also ensures that coronavirus measures are respected. All fully automatically, of course!

A woman disinfecting her hands at the Bringme Desk

A smart desk to keep your company healthy. Literally.

The Bringme Desk stringently screens everyone entering your company around the clock. It receives visitors, informs them about the preventative measures, screens them for fever and virus risk, ensures that they disinfect their hands and delivers an ‘all clear’ badge.

    Parcel delivery in the box

    A smart box signs on your behalf. There you go!

    Couriers and suppliers can complete their delivery fully independently: the Bringme Box signs for receipt and the app sends a message to the recipient. From now on, sending and returning parcels and exchanging items between colleagues is fully automatic!

      Smart doorbell provides instructions to couriers. Welcome!

      Who’s at the door? The Bringme Bell guides visitors to the Bringme Desk, sends couriers to the Bringme Box and makes sure that all flows run smoothly, with respect for social distancing. No physical contact, but no less of a warm welcome!

      Discover the Bringme Bell
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      To make sure everything runs even more smoothly, the virtual reception uses an intuitive app. It sends a notification when something has been delivered, receives visitors and checks in employees, all via a single handy app. And from a safe distance, of course!

        Privacy-proof and safe

        Your safety and privacy are our top priority. The Bringme products are ISO27001 IT Security-certified and ISO27701 GDPR-compliant.

        Your users are safe

        Add or remove users? With Bringme Manager, you can do so safely and in a GDPR-compliant way.

        Your data is also safe

        For effective analytics and the safe automation of your work processes.

          Man and woman talking at the reception

          So, what’s the financial return of a virtual reception vs. the cost of a traditional reception?

          Naomi Talk To An Expert

          Do you want to save costs with an unmanned reception?
          I’m happy to advise you!

          Optimise your virtual reception with

          Bringme Desk

          Bringme Desk

          For the safe registration of visitors and employees

          Bringme Box

          Bringme Box

          Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box

          Bringme Bell

          Bringme Bell

          To speak to couriers without physical contact

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