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Digital concierge: a real magnet for buyers

  • Attract more buyers and reduce construction costs by up to 25%
  • Increase living comfort and safety with an all-in-one solution
  • Offer them the opportunity to receive parcels and groceries contactless
  • Reassure residents with a project that is virus-proof
Product Residential Box Bell In Setting Woman Checking In at Office
Bringme Box and Bell in residence

Contactless, safe and more than welcome!

Discover the digital concierge from Bringme: an all-in-one solution which provides unprecedented living comfort and keeps your residents safe in times of corona. Do come in!

RES render virtual reception COMBO

Smart doorbell provides instructions to couriers. Welcome!

Who’s at the door? The Bringme Bell tells couriers that they can deliver contactless in the Bringme Box. No physical contact, but more than welcome.


Handy videophone talks and opens doors. Yes indeed!

The portable videophone allows the resident to receive calls from visitors and open the entrance doors.

    Woman collecting laundry

    This smart box signs on your behalf. There you go!

    Whatever the delivery: a parcel, a meal, or the ironing ... It’s no problem: with the Bringme Box, couriers and suppliers can complete their delivery autonomously. The Bringme box signs for receipt and the app sends a message to the resident. Contactless and therefore completely safe.

    Iphone Iphone

    A personal concierge for every resident

    Bringme comes with an intuitive app that manages everything for residents. Receiving visitors, opening the door, reporting the delivery of a parcel or groceries … It’s all automatic.

      A single key for everything

      Residents and tenants use this simple but smart badge to open the entrance door, the smart letterbox, parcel compartments, elevator and connecting doors.

      Case Residential Gands Stephane Verbeeck
      We're convinced that YUST's added value is not just contained in the construction, but also and especially in the services we can create around the home.
      • Stéphane Verbeeck, CEO Gands
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      Discover our products

      Bringme Box Residential

      Bringme Box Residential

      For the contactless receipt of parcels

      Bringme Bell

      Bringme Bell

      To speak to couriers and visitors using the smartphone

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