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Digitise access
control in your
residential development

Bringme’s digital access control combines user convenience with ultra-simple building management. With the Bringme Key, the resident has one key for everything. And for security, there are wireless Bringme readers and smart locks. All managed via the Key Manager in the cloud.

  • Key Icon Swipe

    Swipe to unlock

    Swipe at the main door and connecting doors for access. Also opens the door of the apartment.

  • Icon mail pickup

    Collect mail

    Opens your private mailbox

  • Icon parcel

    Collect and send parcels

    Opens the parcel compartment where your delivery is

  • Manager settings icon

    Programmable remotely

    Access rights and time profiles programmable in the cloud

  • Battery icon

    Works without batteries

    Generates energy when plugged into the smart lock

  • Key copy icon

    Never replace locks

    In case of loss or theft. Cannot be duplicated.

Bringme Residential Digital Concierge Isometric Asset Management Full Wide White ENG

One platform, multiple locking systems

The Bringme Key, Bell, readers, and wireless locks provide digital access control. All smart and fully integrated, for lower costs and smooth management.

Joris Scanning NEW Bringme Key

Bringme Bell

Connects visitors to the resident’s smartphone. Gives couriers instructions for delivery of parcels. Opens the main door for residents with a swipe of their Key.

K5 S Green Bringme Key Scan QR Scaner Badge Reader

Bringme Reader

Reads the resident’s Bringme Key and opens the connecting doors in the building.

K5 S Bringme Lock Key In Setting

Plug-and-play lock

Smart cylinders for security of the apartment, the plant room, etc. Generate their energy when the Key is inserted. No wires or battery required.

"The Bringme Key offers a great one-key-for-all experience, but better still, it can be programmed with the start and end date of the lease agreement."

- Benoit Broos, director of Ertzberg Real Estate Development

3 access functions in one app

I Phone X QR Pickup Code

Scan to unlock

Each resident receives a personal QR code via the Bringme app for secure, fast collection of their parcels from the Bringme Box.

I Phone X In Hand Startscreen Menu Liftboy ENG

Personal liftboy

No more waiting for the lift: call it up with a click in the app.

Iphone Videocom Call Answer Mockup On The Road ENG

Remote videophone

Unexpected visitors are put through to the resident’s smartphone wherever the latter is.

Salim Expert Sales

Digital access control for efficient building management?

I'm happy to advise you

The Bringme Videocom: versatile concierge

  • Have parcels or letters arrived?

    The resident immediately receives a message on their videocom.
  • Visitor at the main door?

    With the videocom, the resident can open the main door from anywhere in their apartment.
  • Home automation of the apartment?

    The resident controls everything from the videocom.

Access control in real time

The cloud-based Key Manager enables you to manage access rights quickly and easily in real time, even remotely.

  • Digital key plan

    Complete overview of authorised people and locks on map
  • Access rights and time restrictions

    Share, manage and lock with ease
  • Three-tier security

    Security token required to log in, Secure Information Storage and back-ups. ISO 27001-certified.

24/7 key service in your residential development

Has a key been lost, stolen or forgotten? Always provide a 'blank' replacement key in the Bringme Box.

  • Assign

    Assign user rights to the blank key in the Box via the Key Manager
  • Collect

    Send the resident a QR code to collect the key from the box
  • Update

    The resident swipes the blank key over the Bringme Bell or reader. User rights: assigned!
Brinngme API Integration

Multiple APIs for fewer administrative tasks

The open application programming interface (API) enables smooth integration with your own systems.

The partner for property owners

Joris Helpcenter

Own Help Center

For any questions from residents and building managers

Sil Intervention room

Unique control room

Bringme’s control room can solve 90% of possible problems without on-site intervention

Peter on sight aid

Own intervention team

For on-site maintenance and urgent intervention

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Bringme Box Residential

Bringme Box Residential

Contactless delivery to and collection from smart parcel machine

Bringme Bell

Bringme Bell

To give couriers and visitors instructions, even when out