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(IT) asset
management automation can be this easy

Handing over and delivering (IT) assets and documents internally is very time-consuming. With a Bringme Box, you can automate your asset management with ease.

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    24/7 IT service desk

    Make IT and office assets available around the clock

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    API integration

    Integrate with your favourite IT asset management system

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    Pick-up point
    for customers

    Let customers or partners collect deliveries and orders whenever it suits them

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    Borrowing and

    Borrow replacement material or keys at the touch of a button

  • Exchange Icon

    Delivery between

    Exchange assets or documents with co-workers with ease

  • Icon detection

    Track & Trace

    With patented detection system for real-time updates of IT asset stock

Make assets available 24/7

Improve the provision of services by your IT and office department by making frequently requested office and IT assets permanently available. Without physical intervention.

Workflow automation: infinite borrowing and returning

Borrowing and returning office and IT assets is simple. Extremely simple.

  • How to return an asset?
    The Box always keeps a list of the items which you have borrowed. Select the asset that you want to return. And the appropriate return compartment opens.
  • Fully automated
    As soon as the borrower has returned the item, it is automatically made available to other colleagues again. Effortlessly.

Make assets available with one click

Do you want to ready something for collection by a supplier or customer?

  • Put it in the Box
    Give the item a name, take a photo of it and have it ready.
  • Share the collection code
    Share the QR code with the person collecting it in one click (Whatsapp, e-mail, etc.). Regardless of when.
  • Receive a notification
    Collected? Then you will receive a notification.
Employee putting something in the Bringme Box

"With the Bringme Box, it is easier to share IT assets, documents, and other things with colleagues who are working at home or in the office.”

- Arnold Kamphuis, Business Unit Manager at Axians

How easy equipment management in the flexible workplace is

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Provide a co-worker with assets.

Providing a colleague with assets or documents? Put them in the Box!

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Prepare an order for a customer.

They collect it when it suits them. With confirmation of collection.

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Track your deliveries at home.

Receiving a delivery on the day you work from home? Forward it to a colleague in the office.

Talk To An Expert Zach

Want to automate your (IT) asset management?

I’ll be happy to advise you!

More service, less work with API

Save your IT department a lot of work with our API with your IT asset management system or service management software (Topdesk, ServiceNow, etc.). And provide a better service for your employees.

  • The IT employee puts assets in the Box and makes it available via the internal online shop.
  • The colleague makes the request and automatically receives a QR code for collection.
  • After use, they put it back in the Box and it appears in the online shop again.
Iphone Iphone

Always a compartment available

Give IT and Office employees the certainty of knowing that there is a suitable box available in the Bringme Box. Via the app they simply reserve the compartment that they require.

    BOX 10 Asset Management with App Hand

    Never lose things again thanks to asset tracking

    The compartments of this Bringme Box are specifically designed for (IT) assets and documents. The additional built-in sensors ensure reliable track and trace of all your deliveries and collections. For real-time updates of IT asset stock.

    Bringme Manager: manage rights of use with ease

    With the Bringme Manager, you yourself decide who can use the Bringme Box.

    • Easy uploading of csv files with users;
    • API integration with active directory, ITAM software, etc.;
    • Configure (IT) asset management workflows and manage the Bringme Box network.

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