Residential access control reinvented

The smart Bringme Bell provides couriers with clear voice and image instructions for delivering in the Bringme Box. It intelligently connects visitors to the Bringme Videocom or, in case of absence, to the resident's smartphone.

  • Voice assistant for couriers

    Touchscreen provides couriers with visual and voice instructions for delivery in the Bringme Box.

  • Bringme Key

    The Bell gives residents access with a Key or Badge.

  • Online updater

    Updates the list of access rights of residents and tenants.

  • Bringme Videocom

    Video communication with visitor via the portable videocom in the apartment.

  • Bringme App

    The Bell connects visitors to the resident’s smartphone when the latter is out.

Renewed access to your residential development

With three smart, automated flows, the Bringme Bell guarantees the convenience that residents expect today.

Welcome, visitor!

One press of the button, and visitors will be directly connected to the resident's video intercom or smartphone.

Have a delivery, courier?

The smart bell provides couriers and food deliverers with clear visual and voice instructions.

Enter, resident!

Residents can enter easily with a swipe-to-unlock of their Bringme Key or Badge.

"We think it’s important to include Bringme in our sales materials, because it’s an extra reason for choosing us."

- Filip Remans, partner to developer Van den Boer Concept

The Bringme Videocom: portable all-rounder

Postal mail and parcels

The resident receives an instant notification regarding their packages, letters, or deliveries.


With the videocom, the resident communicates with the visitor from anywhere in their apartment.

Home automation

Bringme integrates (API) with your favourite home automation system.

Create a safe home delivery area with Bringme

This is how the Bringme Bell works together with the Bringme Box.

The Bell shows the way

The touchscreen of the Bell displays the Bringme Box in which the courier should leave the delivery.

The Box signs

The courier puts the parcel in a free compartment of the Box, with proof of delivery.

The app provides notification

The resident receives notification via their smartphone and on their videocom.

The partner for property owners

Own Help Center

For any questions from residents and building managers.

Unique control room

Bringme’s control room can solve 90% of possible problems without on-site intervention.

Own intervention team

For on-site maintenance and urgent intervention.

Digital access control for efficient building management?

I would be happy to advise you!