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Bringme. What an entrance.

At Bringme we are a diverse family of dreamers and doers, driven by our passion for technology. We bring an end to the inefficiency and wasted time of the 'classic reception' by radically rethinking the concept of ‘access’. Our virtual reception and digital concierge automate anything that goes in and out of a building: visitors, couriers, deliveries and pick-ups. Everything according to the highest standard of security and privacy, with beautifully designed products such as the Bringme Bell, Desk and Box, all connected to one intuitive app that manages everything for the user. Bringme opens the door to a life with more time and convenience for everyone.

By partnering with Bringme, our more than 1,000 customers always achieve a return on investment on 4 levels: they save a substantial amount of time and costs, guarantee the highest levels of privacy, create added value for everyone involved and reduce courier traffic improving your built environment.

Bringme Desk virtual receptionist in setting next to smart parcel box with elder man in front
Life Jo Vandebergh box desk

From dream to reality

For Bringme's very beginnings, we have to take a trip down memory lane to the warm summer of 2006. E-commerce had yet to sweep over Belgium, but while daydreaming about a new neighbourhood in his hometown Leuven, our CEO Jo Vandebergh was playing around with the question: "How are the inhabitants of this neighbourhood going to receive their online orders and groceries when they're not home?" The question wouldn't let him go, not even when the dream became a reality in 2008 and his holistic vision was turned into a concrete plan. Jo came up with an intelligent home-delivery locker and brought together a passionate team in order to design the predecessor of the Bringme Box. Its objective: to unburden residents and give them more time.

In 2012, the first home-delivery lockers were built into the "Balk van Beel" in the "Tweewaters" neighbourhood on AB-Inbev's former industrial site. This innovation contributed to the building's being hailed as the most sustainable residential building in Europe in 2013. Residents' positive feedback, however, felt even better than awards recognition. We already sensed the many possibilities of the delivery locker, but now that the system was in use, we could see them in practice. Time to up the ante: in 2015, we set up a successful pilot project in Leuven with a brand-new hardware product. Several thousand users were given access to a Bringme Box in the office, to be operated using the Bringme App which served as a personal assistant. Bringme had officially been born, and from that moment on, things skyrocketed.

In 2016, Bringme developed the Last Inch Operating System. Awards and commercial success soon followed, and our very first customers rolled out Bringme in their entire organization. Today, in 2019, we're able to offer Bringme all over Europe and are all set for an exciting future.

The way in which customer receive their parcels is even greener than our logo

Thanks to our Bringme network we are transforming e-commerce into green commerce. We are reducing both the number of trips and the levels of CO2, and improving air quality.

  • By accumulating the delivery of private parcels at work, many journeys are saved
  • Bringme has an almost 100% first-time hit rate, which means there’s no need for the courier to return a second or third time
  • The ability to both send and return deliveries via de Bringme Box puts an end to individual trips to the post office
  • When making their deliveries, couriers can also collect consignments and returns, thus reducing the number of collection journeys
  • Thanks to real-time data, couriers and suppliers know whether it’s worth visiting for collections or consignments

Sharing Economy

Bringme is an important part of the sharing economy. Any local retailer can deliver to the Bringme Box.

Climate change

How important is the Bringme Box in the fight against climate change? Really important.


The wood and aluminium from which the box is produced is made of 100% recycled material, and the box itself is naturally also recyclable.

Life Marketing Bringme HQ

Join us in writing our future

Every day, we make the lives of hundreds of thousands of people a little bit better. That takes talent, entrepreneurship, and passion. Do you get your energy from the impact you have on people's lives? And are you prepared to completely devote yourself to it? We'll give you the space to take risks, make mistakes, and tread untrodden paths. But first, we'd like to know who you really are, what keeps you up at night, and where you're headed. Ready for an in-depth conversation?
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Our premium partners

The power of the Bringme network is determined to a large extent by exceptional partnerships with a natural synergy of vision, in which both parties always put the customer first. We enter into strategic partnerships with strong players from the corporate and real estate worlds in order to coordinate our products.

Our premium partners: RICOH - Schindler