Bringme Parcel Room

Bringme's Parcel Room handles 100% of delivery management. The secure room allows for safe storage of all packages, regardless of size. Sensitive documents are delivered separately to secure compartments. For a watertight parcel management system.

  • All delivery scanning

    Couriers scan the parcel label to gain access to the Bringme Parcel Room.

  • Bringme app

    Residents receive a notification once the parcel has been delivered. A complete overview of deliveries is stored in the app.

  • AI Guard security

    Video surveillance with activity log of all personell entering and leaving the Parcel Room.

  • Sensitive package handling

    Displays all relevant information from building management.

Works with: Bringme Bell Bringme app Bringme Manager Send & Collect

How does it work?

Scan & deliver

Couriers identify their postal company and scan the parcel label using the touchscreen located near the entrance of the parcel room. Following this, the parcel can be easy delivered to the recipient.

Bringme app

The recipient receives a notification via the Bringme app when their parcel has been delivered.

Controlled access

Resident can access the Parcel Room by scanning their personal QR code in the app at the touchscreen near the Parcel Room.

Secure and reliable, 24/7

The Parcel Room is used for 90% of all deliveries, while the smart compartments within the Bringme Box can be utilized for various purposes, such as leaving keys for third-party subcontractors, exchanging valuable packages, providing Airbnb rentals with welcome packs or facilitating pickups in, for example, student housing.

  • Secure
  • Cost-saving
  • Privacy-proof

Personal concierge included

Bringme includes an incredibly convenient app that informs residents about deliveries and pickups.

Your delivery is here

Residents receive a message and reminders when their parcel or post has been delivered.

Efficient collection

They can collect the delivery using their personal access code from the app.

Complete overview

For tracking deliveries and shipments in real time.

Effortless management

With the Bringme Manager, building managers can remotely manage, update and monitor access to the Parcel Room. Always automatically updated with the latest features. Privacy-proof.

Audit trails

Entry events can be reviewed anytime with timestamped photos and video footage.

Tracking system

Tracks and logs all delivery and pickup activity.

PMS integration

Resident directory API available.

Parcel service

The Bringme Box Residential scans parcels, signs for receipt and opens the door of the Parcel Room when necessary. Similar to a real concierge, but automatically and efficiently.
Discover the smart parcel box.

Parcel service

Couriers can deliver 24/7 in the access-controlled Parcel Room.

Pickup service

Residents can drop items in the Parcel Room for third parties.

24/7 key service

No replacement of locks or intervention of a locksmith needed.

Everything our customers could wish for

Dedicated customer success managers

The customer success manager focuses on 100% customer satisfaction.

Help center with a unique control room

Bringme can solve 90% of potential problems without on-site intervention.

Own intervention team

For on-site maintenance and urgent intervention.

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