Transform parcel management in your project

Managing deliveries shouldn’t be a hassle, ensure autonomous, secure storage of parcels in your residential building with a smart parcel room.

  • Secure parcel deliveries to prevent liability issues.
  • Organise your entrance hall with a triple award-winning design.
  • Let the concierge focus on tasks that really matter.

Automate your parcel management
and enhance security

Courier check-in

The courier checks in at the Bringme Touchscreen and gains access using an authorized PIN.

Easy delivery

The Parcel Room unlocks, allowing the courier to deliver all parcels easily and quickly.

Resident pickup

Residents collect their deliveries from the Parcel Room using the QR code from the app or their Bringme Badge.

The Bringme Parcel Room guarantees...


Advanced access control and video surveillance prevent parcel liability.


Every delivery is securely handled 24/7, regardless of size or delivery method.


A fully autonomous system that requires no effort or time from your concierge.

Remote management has never been easier

Rely on a user-friendly management platform that provides advanced auditing and track & trace capabilities.

  • Real-time & historical overview of who enters.
  • Registration of each delivery and collection.
  • Resident directory API.

Still facing parcel chaos or a work overload in the entrance hall of your residential project?

Create a hassle-free pickup flow

The Bringme Box is a secure exchange location designed for deliveries from concierge to residents, such as keys or contracts. The Box securely stores these items in compartments accessible only to the designated recipient.

Don’t take our word for it

Discover from one of our customers why Bringme makes their residential projects unique.

In the past, we'd have had to hire additional staff, which brought a lot of stress. That's now over for good: the digital concierge can scale effortlessly.

- Akiff Rahman, operations manager Vertus (part of Canary Wharf Group)

Keep your compliance in check

Securely capturing and storing all essential data, we ensure effortless regulatory compliance. With ISO 27001 certification, NIS 2 compliance, and alignment with GDPR, your company is in safe hands.

Ready to upgrade your parcel management?

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