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How UZ Leuven effortlessly processes thousands of packages a day


In hospitals, the lights never go out. And that certainly applies to UZ Leuven, its 9000 employees and 1995 beds making it the largest hospital in Belgium. Between all the activity, between 2000 and 3000 packages are delivered daily. A lot of work, you're probably thinking? Quite the opposite. Because the Bringme Box ensures a smooth and automatic distribution. Discover how.

A hospital full of packages

The 'Universitair Ziekenhuis Leuven' (University Hospital Leuven) is the reference for high-quality and innovative medical care. It has four campuses, spread across Leuven, with the largest and best-known campus being Gasthuisberg - or "the Gasthuisberg," as the hospital is popularly named. This is also where the person in charge of the mail and scanning service, Herman Homblé, works. He tells us how they manage to effortlessly get the many packages that pass through their doors every day to the right place - or to the right person.

Case Office Box UZ Leuven Herman Homble
"Our people work hard. Thanks to the Bringme Box, we offer them extra comfort and show our appreciation."

- Herman Homblé, verantwoordelijke van de Post-Scandienst bij UZ Leuven

An employee benefit for busy bees

"You can't avoid it," says Herman Homblé. "We've ended up in a package society, but that is actually a really good thing for our employees, who work a wide variety of hours and do not always make it to the shop. But then again, the problem was. How do those packages get to them? In the beginning, it was not really the intention to have private packages delivered here. But we noticed that more and more deliveries were being received from the likes of Amazon or Coolblue. So, it was quite clear that our people needed it. So the management did not want to start banning it as they work hard enough already..."

Never stress about packages again

"As a solution to the parcel problem, the management decided to install a Bringme Box," Homblé says. "When I discovered how it worked, I was instantly sold. With our 9000 employees, some form of automation was absolutely necessary. So now they have their packages delivered to the box and get a notification via the app once their package has arrived. It sits there safely waiting for them, and they just pick it up when they go home or walk past the Bringme Box. That is how simple it can be.”

Discretion, also a great asset

What we also consider very important at UZ Leuven is discretion towards our employees. Thanks to Bringme, we can guarantee this even more. In the pre-Bringme era, this was sometimes different. Packages sometimes ended up with the wrong person, wandered between departments, got lost or were stolen... That too is all in the past.

Expression of appreciation

"We really see it as an added comfort for our employees, a way to show our appreciation," Herman explains. "It's so convenient for them, they can now just have their private packages delivered to work, the time doesn't matter at all. On top of that the box is very easy to use, everyone gets it right away. In fact, I am noticing that more and more users are joining. It is a true success story.”

Case Office Box UZ Leuven Black

Would you also like to increase the comfort of your employees with a Bringme Box?