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Bringme Box: smart parcel locker

The Bringme Box scans every parcel and delivery, signs for receipt, and sends a message to the recipient. Employees can send and return business and private parcels contactless. It also serves as a service point for the exchange of (IT) material and automating your internal logistics.

Automated delivery, collection, and dispatch

Bringme Box Bringme Box
  • Icon Contact free

    delivery and

    The Last Inch Operating System grants safe access to every courier and supplier

  • Icon Personal QR code

    Safe delivery

    Scan your company badge or personal access code

  • Exchange Icon

    and returns

    Prepare parcels and letter post for collection

  • Streamline icon laptop 1 300x300

    24/7 service desk

    (IT) material always available for employees and customers

  • Icon Proof of delivery

    Digital proof
    of delivery

    Compartment-detection scans the delivery; the box signs for receipt

Any courier and supplier can deliver to the box

Courier scans parcel

The courier scans the parcel personally

So you no longer need to receive couriers or sign for proof of delivery.

I Phone X mockup delivery popup lockscreen eng

The recipient receives a message

You no longer need intermediaries or reminders.

Woman returning Zalando parcel with the Bringme Box Send & Collect

The employee scans their QR code

You no longer need to store or distribute parcels.

Collect & Send via the box

Put all your parcels, returns, and letter post in the box for collection. A lot safer and a time saver for everyone. Never go to the post office again!

Here’s how the Collect & Send service works

"The increase in parcels disturbed everyone's concentration, so the company installed a smart parcel box"

Laura De Rosa, Management Assistent at Carconnex

Automate your asset management

  • Make (IT) equipment or office supplies available 24/7 and keep an overview of all the resources in your organisation.
  • Immediately see who receives the assets, who uses them, and who returns them.
  • Simplify and track the on- and off-boarding of employees, company-sensitive documents, keys, etc.

Safe handover, including to teleworkers

  • Employees easily find their internal deliveries and parcels.
  • They get notifications and reminders, whether they are at home or at work.
Iphone Iphone

This virtual receptionist is always by your side

Bringme includes a super handy app that informs employees in real-time about letter post, parcels, and deliveries. Also available on desktop.

  • Your delivery is here

    Get a message when your parcel has arrived
  • Contactless retrieval

    Scan your personal QR code
  • Track & Trace

    Track deliveries and shipments in real time

Configure to your needs with the Bringme Manager

With the Bringme Manager, you configure your mailroom management to your workflows and have a powerful analysis tool at your disposal. This results in better internal service and a significant reduction in costs.

  • Convenient management
  • Extensive analytics
  • Personalisation
Discover the virtual receptionist
    Group 30

    A Bringme Box works in every company

    Large or small? What kind of deliveries do you expect? How many employees are there in the office? Choose the formula that suits your business.

    Every Bringme Box starts with a base module 10 or 16 in white or black. Expandable with various extensions.

    Tailored to your needs

    Is your business growing?
    No problem; the box grows with you!

    Product Box White Line Up extensions

    6 main features for a
    professional mailroom management

    Award winning design

    Immediate ‘wow’ feeling in the entrance hall

    Completely private

    ISO 27701 compliant with GDPR extension

    Teleworking service

    Facilitate transfer between teleworkers and office workers

    Compartment detection

    Smart sensors know when a parcel has been delivered

    Antiviral coating

    Less maintenance, less worries, more safety


    ISO 27700 certified for extra security

    Iphone Iphone

    Far more than a smart parcel box

    • Every letter in the right hands immediately

      Letter post is neatly delivered to the right employee or department. No documents lying around, no time wasted.
    • Have contracts, keys, and IT material ready

      Returning a broken mobile phone to the helpdesk? Need a bank card reader or cable? This is all sent contactless and easily via the box.
    • Make it personal

      Need to exchange an item with a colleague? Take a picture via the Bringme App so that the recipient immediately knows what is waiting for them.
    Naomi Talk To An Expert

    Would you like a Bringme Box in your company?

    I’m happy to advise you!

    Optimise your virtual reception with

    Bringme Desk

    Bringme Desk

    For the safe registration of visitors and employees

    Bringme Bell

    Bringme Bell

    To speak to couriers without physical contact