Alexandra Gevers: “I can’t even imagine selling another apartment without Bringme’s digital concierge”

Alexandra Gevers is a real estate agent for build-to-sell projects. She resolutely chooses Bringme’s smart property technology as a major selling point to convince buyers and investors when selling apartments.

Bringme’s digital concierge helps Alexandra succeed:

  • 100% of the apartments sold before the completion date
  • increase the return for landlords and reduce management costs
  • increase resident retention with additional services

Cashflow is king

Interest rates are at a historically low level and sales of residential property are doing well. Nevertheless, fast cashflow is important for real estate developers in order to bear their heavy investments and secure financing from their banks. Alexandra’s noticed that residential buildings with Bringme’s digital concierge convince buyers more quickly. “Clients attach more and more importance to extra services that improves their living comfort, in addition to the location and finishing,” says Alexandra.

Exceed client expectations

Everyone knows the frustrations parcel delivery to your home can cause. Working from home has only made this problem worse.

“Many clients don’t want to be disturbed by a courier who rings their doorbell while they’re in a meeting. When I tell them that Bringme’s smart bell and automated parcel terminal take care of all these problems, I see their interest in the project grow. They realise that the developer really does build according to their needs, which also helps build trust.”

Give buyers more value for money

“Some buyers are reluctant to live in a building with communal areas. In my apartments, their meal boxes and parcels are delivered directly to the Bringme Box. So neighbours cannot see how much, what, or from where they are buying their things. They love that.”

Clients attach more and more importance to extra services that improves their living comfort, in addition to the location and finishing."

Lower management costs and still a better return? It’s possible!

When tenants follow each other quickly one after the other, it often has a negative impact on the investor’s return. Intensive management is also often a barrier. Digital access control with the Bringme Key is a convincing counterargument to this.

“It’s a single key that can be used for all access doors. Even more important is that in case of loss or theft, the building manager no longer has to go to the premises because there’s always a spare key in the Bringme Box. There are no additional costs either because there’s no need to change locks with the smart key.”

Avoid frustrations the day after delivery

“Bringme’s digital concierge is an absolute must-have in residential projects. I can’t even imagine putting another building on the market without it. I know from experience that frustration quickly mounts after delivery if a parcel solution hasn’t been provided.”