Smart box provides residents of VORM with more quality time

Project developer VORM would like to go the extra mile for its residents. It's even got a name for it: VORMotics—a combination of domotics and VORM. Because people increasingly order online, the company wanted to offer its residents more quality time and give them a chance to receive parcels without having to drive to the post office or supermarket.

A digital concierge

The intelligent Bringme Box fits De Kroon's futurist concept like a glove. VORM community residents never have to go out of their way to get their hands on their parcels anymore. Better still, the Bringme App notifies them when a letter or parcel has been delivered, so they never have to make unnecessary trips to the mailbox anymore. And the XXL compartments in the box are perfect for receiving larger parcels. And residents can get something ready for pick-up by other residents or delivery people. This way, VORM offers its residents unique, comfortable concierge services, providing them with that hotel feeling in their own home. VORMotics at its very best …

The solution

In the Bringme Box, residence De Kroon found a smart mailbox that:

  • can receive post and parcels 24/7
  • guarantees that residents never miss a delivery
  • helps resolve an increasingly important modern-day problem
  • helps reduce carbon emissions