The digital concierge gives Van den Boer Concept’s customers sense of security

At the Limburg Project Van den Boer Concept, they take care of everything for their customers, from the purchase to the delivery of the turnkey home. And from now on, a digital concierge will also be part of this overall service. Because customers – even elderly ones – are eagerly awaiting the extra comfort and security provided by the concept. “It solves a number of current problems,” says Filip Remans, one of the four partners. “We really see it as an extra selling point.”

“The service we provide is truly appreciated,” says Filip Remans, one of the four partners. “Our customers know that they come first. And Bringme will also become an increasingly bigger part of our comprehensive service. For us, this is a very logical step in our service provision.”

Older customers also buy online

“We have several sites running, such as the Jolly residential block in Neerpelt, which has 34 flats and 3 entrance halls. We’re installing three digital concierges there,” says Filip Remans. “Because our clientele consists mainly of people over 65, we were a little hesitant at first. How would people react to such a new concept? But as soon as I explain how it works, I usually get very positive reactions.”

An aesthetic and safe entryway

“The entrance lobbies of most residential blocks used to be quite dull and monotonous, in my opinion,” says Remans. “Thanks to the digital concierge, it’s now a nicely decorated – and well monitored – space. Our clientele also appreciates this. The women, in particular, do not always feel at ease. They like the fact that there is video surveillance and they certainly like the fact that they can see – in real time – who is at the door using their smartphone.”

A solution to the parcel problem

Parcels are delivered to our offices here every day. This is now the case everywhere, including in flats,” explains Remans. “Everything happens online now; the distrust of the past is gone. And there’s nothing more annoying than when couriers leave a note when nobody is there, and you then have to go and collect your parcel from the post office or newsagent later. Bringme’s digital concierge offers a solution for this, and our clients also get a notification when their parcel or a letter has been delivered They really appreciate that user-friendliness. And since online business will only continue to grow, that’s a really positive turn of events.”

For offices too

Van den Boer Concept is not only active in the residential market, but in industrial projects as well. They plan to work with a virtual receptionist there as well. “It’s often the case in companies and business centres that customers or visitors do not immediately know where to go. That, too, has been solved with this system. We want to use it in office environments for the same reasons: appearance, user-friendliness, and security. I think it’s a really easy tool for customers and visitors.”

Additional selling point

Since so many people/customers are already finding their way to you, does a company like Van den Boer really need more marketing? “Definitely,” says Filip. “Like everyone else, we’re active on social media. And as a developer, we also like good communication on the construction sites because these are ideal places to hang banners. And yes, we also communicate about Bringme! Since the Bringme concept is new, we think it’s especially important to include it in our specifications because it can be an additional selling point for choosing us.”

What an experience!

‘Experience’ is not just a fashionable buzzword these days; it’s practically magical. At least, that’s how it seems when Filip Remans talks about it. “The word ‘experience’ is everywhere these days,” he says enthusiastically. “It gives me goose bumps. And Bringme is an experience for the customers. A bit like when you buy a car with a lot of extras. You really look forward to it and wonder how everything works. And you look forward to when that time will come. In my opinion, the Bringme story is a true experience…”