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Why more and more coworking spaces and business centres are switching to a virtual receptionist

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Seven out of ten companies have discovered that they will need less office space in the future, according to recent studies. In other words, the demand for office space decreases, and the supply increases. We’re seeing companies with business models centring around the rental of offices and coworking spaces taking extra steps in terms of security and digitalisation.

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Company receptions changed for good by the coronavirus

Company receptions will no longer be the same as before the coronavirus. For example: How should a receptionist receive and sign for a parcel and still respect social distancing? Read how you can deal with this.

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Bringme Box in entrance hall

Corona: contactless delivery becomes the new normal in companies

Soon, when the worst of the coronavirus storm is over, our business world will look very different as well. Contactless and ‘social distancing’ become the new normal in the workplace. And that also means that tomorrow’s company will have to handle receiving parcels and deliveries very differently.

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How do you use the digital concierge to sell your newly built flats?

Buyers, tenants, and investors now have a multitude of new questions and concerns due to the corona crisis. They want to know if their future flat will be adapted to the new reality.

With Bringme’s digital concierge in your project, social distancing and contact-free delivery are easily respected and safety and hygiene are reinforced. This is how you make the difference on the market. The digital concierge distinguishes you from the competition as a real estate developer and attracts buyers to your properties because of the increased well-being and additional safety.

You can use these 5 tools to quickly and easily include the digital concierge in your strategic communication: there are, among others, standard templates for your specifications, a newsletter, an advertisement, etc.

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A busy reception

How companies can build a defensive wall against the virus

We’re back in lockdown. Thousands of companies received fines because they did not comply with the basic prevention measures. Working from home and placing a hand sanitiser at the entrance just aren’t enough to protect employees. Now, companies absolutely must avoid falling into the same trap again… including yours. Because any company, no matter how large or small, can strongly influence the number of infections and illnesses with a resolute safety protocol. Discover why this protocol is so efficient below.

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Coronavirus and newly built flats: changes to be made

“How virus-resistant is your project?” It is a question that real estate developers definitely did not expect before the coronavirus crisis. But we’re living in a totally different world now.

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