From classic reception desk to advanced digital reception

The corporate reception, often the first point of contact within an organisation, has undergone significant transformation in recent years. This development not only reflects technological advancement but also the changing business needs and culture. More and more companies are leaving behind the classic reception desk and opting a digital reception. What does this switch entail?

The reception desk versus a digital reception

Originally, receptions symbolised the personal welcome to the company. The reception desk formed the first impression of your company, where visitors and couriers were greeted by a receptionist who checked them in or received and signed parcel deliveries. The realisation that these tasks are easily automatable by a digital reception and that employees can better focus on office or HR-related tasks is dawning on more and more companies. An all-in-one system that not only welcomes visitors, but also receives parcels, guides couriers, and provides 24/7 access control is now the gold standard in many companies.

A digital reception offers more possibilities than the classic reception desk

Companies are embracing a digital reception, not only because it is more efficient but also because it helps save costs and use space more efficiently. Moreover, it has a positive impact on employee satisfaction. Because all repetitive work is automated, there is more time for employees to focus on other tasks. For receptionists, a complete digital reception opens the door to new growth opportunities and the chance to further develop their skills within the company.

The future of the reception desk and the receptionist

The classic reception is aging a little more every day. In the future, we will likely see the role of the receptionist evolve into a more integrated function within the company structure. These employees will have increasing responsibilities in office or HR management tasks where their human expertise is truly important. Meanwhile, a digital reception or virtual reception will continue to work uninterrupted - without worries for employees - day in, day out.