A visitor management system: unstaffed and impersonal visitor registration?

In a professional environment, hospitality is often associated with a receptionist warmly greeting visitors. Thus, an unstaffed, digital reception might seem at odds with a cordial welcome. However, more companies are adopting a receptionist-free visitor management system, not only for cost savings but primarily for the advantages outlined below.

A visitor management system for efficient visitor registration

A digital reception significantly reduces waiting times: no more queues at the reception desk, no waiting for the receptionist to finish a phone call, and most importantly, continuous availability. With a sophisticated visitor management system, visitor registration becomes effortless. Visitors can quickly and easily register via a kiosk, and the host receives a notification on their smartphone, no matter where they are in the company. This drastically reduces wait times, ensuring visitors always know what to expect.

A smart visitor management system ensures a pleasant visitor experience

A digital reception with a visitor management system registers visitors uniformly. The reception quality remains consistently professional for every visitor at all times and can accommodate five languages—something a receptionist cannot guarantee. Shortly after the visitor arrives and registers, the host will personally and warmly welcome them. The host stays informed via notifications on their smartphone, preventing any embarrassing mistakes.

A visitor management system enhances privacy in visitor registration

At the reception, confidentiality is a concern, as the reason for an appointment should remain private between the host and the visitor. A digital reception ensures a secure visitor register compliant with GDPR regulations. Equally important is protecting your own know-how and ideas: every visitor is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. This process is straightforward: digital and completed with just a few clicks.