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Would you like to integrate a smart parcel mailbox into your new construction project? 5 must haves.

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Not every parcel mailbox is the same. And with countless variations on the market, it becomes harder and harder to see the forest for the trees. Below are 5 key elements to consider when choosing the ideal parcel mailbox for your residential project.

1. Is the parcel mailbox sufficiently secure and discreet?

Are you getting complaints about lost or stolen parcels? Those are a thing of the past when you opt for a parcel solution where only the recipient has access to their parcel. Using a built-in scanner, couriers can scan parcels correctly at any time, and sensors in the compartments ensure that only the recipient receives a push notification.

2. Can a parcel mailbox also return parcels?

Aside from receiving letters and parcels, it’s convenient for a parcel mailbox to enable you to send or return parcels as well. Residents no longer have to make endless trips to the post office, as the entire parcel process takes place in a single location. Residents can also have meal boxes, groceries and more delivered to their parcel mailbox with ease.

3. Do parcel mailboxes fit in with your building’s design?

The parcel mailbox is usually located in the entrance hall of the building: as such, it's an element of your design to be thoroughly considered. Use it to make a real statement to visitors and to create a real sense of luxury. Examples include LED lighting, a mirrored wall in the compartments, a sleek and timeless design... or opt for a high-quality outdoor solution.

4.How user-friendly is a parcel mailbox?

Using the parcel mailboxes should be a pleasure for every resident For example, think of wheelchair users: they too want to be able to use the touchscreen independently and easily. In addition, there must be sufficient options for opening the compartments of a parcel mailbox. Examples include a QR code, a mobile app, or digital access control: that's a smart key that opens all doors with a quick swipe, including the compartment in the parcel mailbox. Finally, consider how the mailbox is operated, because that will be the deciding factor in everyday use: does it work with a smartphone app? Does it send push notifications as soon as a parcel is delivered? The latter is particularly convenient for residents, as they'll never have to walk to the mailbox unnecessarily again.

5. Do parcel mailboxes integrate seamlessly with other convenience services for residents?

When choosing a parcel mailbox, you should make sure that it's truly more convenient for your residents and that it can be easily integrated with all convenience services. For example, imagine a smart doorbell that lets couriers and visitors in safely, even when the residents aren't there, a video intercom, as well as digital access control that provides a single key to all doors, summons the elevator and gives access to the parcel mailbox. By integrating all these services into an all-in-one system, you not only increase the residents' living convenience, but also reduce your construction costs as a project developer. And that's always a good thing...

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