Autonomous registration of employees and visitors keeps the Scandinavian Tobacco Group office safe

When the Dutch team of Scandinavian Tobacco Group moved to a new office, the receptionist role was phased out due to insufficient work for a full-time position.

Dirk Laarakker, IT service desk employee, shares how the team then sought a solution that could efficiently handle access control, and parcel and visitor management tasks.

Why Scandinavian Tobacco Group chooses Bringme’s Digital Reception

  • Unstaffed & cost efficient: typical tasks are handled faster and more cost-effectively, without compromising on service.
  • Always informed: automatic access control logs every arrival and departure, keeping the evacuation list up-to-date, crucial for quick response in emergencies.
  • Hassle-free parcel management: with the Bringme Box, parcels are autonomously delivered and stored, allowing recipients to collect their delivery at their convenience.

Seamless check-in flow at an unstaffed reception

For the Scandinavian Tobacco Group team, having a reliable access control system in the new office was crucial. “We receive quite a few visitors and couriers at the office. Bringme offers the perfect solution for user-friendly registration at an unstaffed reception,” Dirk explains. “Employees are also checked in or out upon arrival and departure, ensuring each presence is accurately logged in the system,” he continues.

Automatic attendance registration keeps the office safe

The automated registration process is essential for Scandinavian Tobacco Group, as it ensures an up-to-date evacuation list in emergencies. "With automatic registration of visitors and employees entering the building, we always have an updated attendance and evacuation list," Dirk clarifies. The Bringme platform makes it easy to view and download a real-time overview. "This safety aspect was crucial for us."

With automatic registration of everyone entering our building, we always have an up-to-date evacuation and attendance list.

Parcel management via the Bringme Box relieves the facility manager

For parcel management as well, the team relies on the Digital Reception. Without a receptionist, receiving and orderly storing all parcel deliveries for the addressees is challenging, but the Bringme Box adeptly solves this. Couriers can safely leave every delivery in the Box, while the recipient receives a notification. "No delivery gets lost or stolen anymore; everything is securely stored, and parcels can be collected at any time, even if our facility manager is not present."