Bringme’s IT asset management saves Royal IHC a great deal of time

How do you make time-consuming IT team logistics processes smoother and more efficient? Hein Rombouts, Service Manager at Royal IHC, discovered the solution with Bringme. Since the delivery of IT material is done centrally via the Bringme Box, there is more time for larger IT initiatives and projects.

Reasons why Royal IHC chose Bringme to streamline its IT processes

  • Efficiency: the distribution of IT items is now fully automated
  • Time savings and productivity: staff have more time to focus on larger IT projects and initiatives as the Box lifts the work off their hands
  • Flexibility: personal appointments are unnecessary. Staff pick up IT items using the QR code whenever suits them best

Bringme Box: the gamechanger for efficient IT asset management

“We’ve made a significant efficiency gain in distributing IT assets using the Bringme Box,” Hein Rombouts explains. “We reduce the contact moments required for distribution, can schedule deliveries more effectively, and enable our staff to pick up IT items at their convenience, without the need for an appointment between two individuals.”

It took us unnecessary time and appointments with colleagues to hand over the items and have the receipt signed

Before the arrival of the Bringme Box, Royal IHC’s team travelled across the Netherlands to deliver IT assets such as headsets, webcams, keyboards, and mice to various locations. “We had been looking for a way to distribute these kinds of IT items more easily for a while now,” explains Hein.

No more appointments needed, more time for what really matters

It was time for a change, which is why Royal IHC chose the Bringme Box to facilitate and secure its IT asset management. The Box was the ideal solution to the logistical challenges. “We were looking for a mail-order box for IT equipment, and that’s how we ended up at Bringme,” says Hein. The Box facilitates the delivery and return of IT assets and eliminates the need for personal appointments.

Now that IT items are delivered via the Box, it frees up time that we can put into other big projects.

“It’s really practical,” Hein continues. “After an employee requests an IT item, they receive a QR code via email, and they can then collect the items at a time that suits them.” It’s a seamless approach that not only simplifies IT workflows but also frees up valuable time for larger IT projects and initiatives.