Hudda focuses on the personal touch with a digital reception

Wouter van den Brink is the founder and community manager of the innovative co-working hub, Hudda. In this new concept, he says goodbye to the repetitive administrative tasks a traditional receptionist carries out so he can devote more time and energy to providing the perfect co-working experience and service.

Thanks to Bringme’s digital reception, Hudda can now:

  • Focus on users to create an optimal Hudda experience.
  • Save £40,000 a year on reception staff costs.
  • Give (potential) users a positive first impression.

Bringme’s digital reception: an automated, yet personal welcome

Why would companies nowadays invest in a full-time reception desk when employees no longer come into the office day in, day out? It’s with that question in mind that Wouter deliberately opted for a digital receptionist: “You can’t avoid having someone on-site. But typical tasks such as letting people in, signing in visitors and accepting parcels can be automated easily. As a community manager, it’s great that Bringme handles those administrative tasks for me and allows me to focus more on the people and the service.”

Flexibility and autonomy, even after 6pm

Bringme’s digital receptionist also allows Hudda to offer its users greater autonomy and flexibility without the co-working hub having to invest in a full-time receptionist. Users can come and go as they please, even after normal office hours, hold meetings or welcome visitors in the evenings, or pick up parcels at weekends.

Optimal security with a single swipe

To ensure everyone’s safety in the co-working space – think about personal belongings and confidential post, for example – people can only enter the building using a digital key or badge. “Visitors or customers can only get in using a personal QR code sent by email in advance. Once inside, they sign in at the Bringme Desk, where everyone goes through the same security check. That’s a needless task with a traditional reception desk.”

Scalability without added time investment

Through Hudda, Wouter offers the comfort of a head office without the typical – and often expensive – overheads. “Bringme ensures that my costs go down and my margins go up. This means I save about £40,000 a year that I’d otherwise be spending on an FTE. This allows me to scale up quickly in the short term, without having to hire staff at every location to perform tasks that I could just as easily outsource to technology."