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Digital access control starts at your main door

The smart Bringme Bell gives visitors and couriers at the main door clear visual and voice instructions. And for visitors there is QR code check in. All neatly integrated with the Bringme products.

New Bell C Vertical inferface Octo Key Works With OFFICE ENG New Bell C Vertical inferface Octo Key Works With OFFICE ENG
  • Icon Speech

    Speech assistant

    Gives visitors visual and voice instructions to check in at the Bringme Desk.

  • Icon Speech

    Speech assistant

    Gives couriers visual and voice instructions for contactless delivery in the Bringme Box.

  • Icon Streamline Alarm

    Update via
    online reader

    Updates the list of locked keys, access rights and time restrictions in real time.

  • Icon smartkey

    Bringme Key

    Gives employees access with Bringme Key (or company badge).

  • Icon Personal QR code

    QR code scanner

    Opens the main door for visitors with a QR code (invitation email).

Your business access reinvented

The smart bell gives customised visual and voice instructions to visitors, suppliers and couriers. Unstaffed.

Bell flow Screen Office Desk Sign In ENG

Dear visitor, welcome

Are you a visitor? Then the bell will send you to the Desk.

Bell flow Screen Office Box Delivery

Are you a courier delivering a packet?

Suppliers and couriers are given voice and visual instructions for making a delivery in the Bringme Box.

Bell Flow Screen Colleague Swipe Office

Come in, dear colleague

Employees and service providers are also admitted with a swipe-to-unlock.

"It is reassuring and positive for visitor experience that anyone who comes into the building knows exactly where he or she has to go with Bringme."

- Joeri Vanhumbeeck, CEO of Carconnex

A professional welcome for visitors

QR Scan Bell Front Door

Scan and you’re in

The visitor scans the QR code from their invitation email at the bell at the main door.

Desk Sanitizer OBI9978 No Man scannning QR desk Sign in

Registration? Check!

With their QR code, they check in at the Desk. It informs the host and guides the visitor to the waiting area.

Scanning phone at Bringme QR scanner

Please take a seat

After successful registration, the visitor can also open the connecting door to the waiting area using their QR code. The host will be with you shortly!

Safer with 'invite only' for visitors

Send visitors an invitation email with QR code. Bringme's digital access control system then accompanies them from the main door to the meeting room.

Unstaffed reception of suppliers and couriers

How the Bringme Bell works for deliveries.

Product Office Bell Setting Courier drops off parcels Red

The courier selects 'I have a delivery'

The touchscreen of the Bell provides a separate courier flow.

Bell in settig deliver In Box screen

The voice assistant gives instructions

The screen displays the Bringme Box to which the delivery must be made.

Courier delivers parcel

The door opens automatically

The courier drops their packet off in the Box.

Joris Scanning NEW Bringme Key

And for your employees:
the Bringme Key

This programmable NFC key is updated with the current access rights and time restrictions when swiped on the Bringme Bell and/or readers. Also works as a traditional key in the associated cylinders. No wires or batteries.
Talk To An Expert Zach

Want to keep your business safe with the Bringme Bell?

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The Bringme Bell works together with:

Bringme Desk

Bringme Desk

For the safe registration of visitors and employees

Bringme Box

Bringme Box

Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box

Bringme K5 S Key Black Green Front

Bringme Key

One key for all doors, Bringme products and office applications