The world’s smartest parcel box

The Bringme Box Residential puts a triple design award winner in the entrance hall of your residential development. It is smart too: like a real concierge, it scans parcels and groceries, signs to acknowledge receipt, and informs the resident. Discover this computer with doors.

  • Receiving and sending

    All couriers and meal delivery companies can deliver, even in the resident's absence

  • Digital proof of delivery

    Smart sensor in compartment verifies delivery and box signs for receipt

  • Put items in the box for pick-up

    Suppliers and friends can collect items when the resident is not at home

  • Private parcel mailbox

    Private compartment for both mail and parcels

  • Digital nameplates

    Simple remote management, via the Bringme Manager

  • Extra parcel compartments

    For when there is no room in the private mailbox

Your entrance hall deserves a high-quality appearance

Top quality, inside and out

Illuminated compartments, reflective rear wall and stainless steel guides ensure a high-quality experience.

Security included

The LED mood lighting also provides a sense of security in the evening and at night and the Box’s AI Guard monitors the entrance area 24/7.

For young and old

Simple operation: an XXL touchscreen on the box, an intuitive app, a web app for residents without a smartphone, or API with your home automation system.

"We see Bringme as a real convenience service: people have their every need met, including in terms of security."

- Herman de Haas, founder real estate group IDBB

Operates with the Bringme Bell for flawless deliveries

Bell gives instructions

The Bringme Bell gives voice and visual instructions for delivery in the Box and opens the door.

Box signs

The courier puts the delivery in a free compartment. A smart sensor scans the parcel, and the Box provides a proof of delivery.

App sends real time report

The resident receives a message on their smartphone. They collect their parcel when it suits them.

Personal concierge included

Bringme includes an incredibly convenient app that informs residents about deliveries and visitors.

Your delivery is here

Residents receive a message and reminders when their parcel or post has been delivered

Contactless collection

They can collect the delivery using their personal access code from the app

Complete overview

For tracking deliveries and shipments in real time

Bringme Key: swipe to open

Residents and tenants use this digital key to collect their post and parcels from the Box.

Also works with:

  • The Bringme Bell: the entrance door opens
  • The reader: the connecting door opens
  • The smart lock: the front door of the apartment opens

In addition to parcels, also a 24/7 key service

Lost, stolen or forgotten your key? Always have a 'blank' Bringme Key ready as a replacement key in the Bringme Box. This way your resident receives immediate help:

Assignment of user rights

The building manager assigns user rights remotely, via the Key Manager, to the blank Key in the Box.


Sends the resident a QR code to collect the key from the Box.


The resident swipes the blank Key over the Bringme Bell. User rights: assigned!

A Bringme Box suits any residential development

Large or small? How many apartments are there? Choose the box that suits your development.

Each Bringme Box begins with a 10 or 20 basic module in black or white. Each base can be expanded with different extensions.

Optional: the private parcel mailbox

The Bringme Box can be expanded to include a smart private parcel mailbox for residents, which can receive both mail and parcels. This increases the parcel capacity by 65% in one fell swoop.

The most convenient automatic parcel machine for outdoors

No room inside your residential development, or would you prefer a central 'hub' as an eye-catcher? Then there is the Bringme Box Outdoor for secure, dry deliveries in all weathers.

Bringme Manager for easy management

With the Bringme Manager, the building manager can link residents and tenants to their Bringme Box with ease.

Residents’ register

Easy registration and deregistration of residents and tenants & updating of digital nameplates.

Analytics dashboard

Powerful analytics tool to optimise usage.

APIs & automatic software updates

New features automatically updated and APIs available for concierge services and home automation.

Everything our customers could wish for

Own Help Center

For any questions from residents and building managers.

Unique control room

Bringme’s control room can solve 90% of possible problems without on-site intervention.

Own intervention team

For on-site maintenance and urgent intervention.

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