Receive parcels at work safely and with respect for your privacy

Your personal app-sistant

The Bringme App is your key to a whole new world. Simply click ‘start’ to receive, send, and return parcels via the Bringme Box.

Personal invitation

Your employer will send you an invitation email. Once you’ve received this, you can log in using your email address.


Download the app or log in to and sign in with the email address used for the invitation email.


Click ‘start’ to get going right away!

Have parcels delivered to the box

Order from any web shop around the world:

Enter ‘Bringme’ as your name

when placing an online order.

Use the location of the Bringme Box

as your delivery address.

You’ll receive a notification

as soon as your parcel is delivered.

Ideal if you’re not at the office every day

Here’s how to make a contact-free delivery to a colleague:

Select 'deliver'

Go to the Bringme Box and press ‘Deliver’. Enter your name and the name of your colleague.

Drop off your item

A compartment will open. Place your parcel of documents inside and close it. Need a larger compartment? Not a problem!

Go straight back to what you were doing!

Your colleague will receive a notification in their Bringme App. They can collect their delivery whenever this suits them.

Send via the box

Log in to, create a shipping label, and put it on your parcel. Go to the box and scan the QR code from the Bringme App or use your Bringme Key. Press ‘send parcel’ and a compartment will open for you. Place your parcel inside. Done!

Return parcels easily

Not completely satisfied with your purchase? Go to the Bringme Box, scan your Bringme Key or the QR code from the app, tap ‘Return parcel’, place your parcel with the return label in the compartment, and close it. It couldn’t be easier!

The dream team: Bringme Box + Bringme Key

Always in a hurry? Just add Bringme Key. Collecting deliveries and sending parcels has never been so quick and easy.

Here’s how to connect the Bringme Key

  1. Scan your Bringme Key at the Bringme Box
  2. Scan your personal QR code from the Bringme App
  3. And… voilà! Your key has been activated.

Any questions?

Check out the FAQs in our Help Center.