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Why more and more coworking spaces and business centres are switching to a virtual receptionist

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Seven out of ten companies have discovered that they will need less office space in the future, according to recent studies. In other words, the demand for office space decreases, and the supply increases. We’re seeing companies with business models centring around the rental of offices and coworking spaces taking extra steps in terms of security and digitalisation.

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Receptionist taking someone's temperature

Company receptions changed for good by the coronavirus

Company receptions will no longer be the same as before the coronavirus. For example: How should a receptionist receive and sign for a parcel and still respect social distancing? Read how you can deal with this.

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Bringme Box in entrance hall

Corona: contactless delivery becomes the new normal in companies

Soon, when the worst of the coronavirus storm is over, our business world will look very different as well. Contactless and ‘social distancing’ become the new normal in the workplace. And that also means that tomorrow’s company will have to handle receiving parcels and deliveries very differently.

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A busy reception

This safety protocol protects everyone in the workplace

Company receptions will never be the same: prevention measures will be applied in reception areas to keep viruses out, and ‘social distancing’ will become the new normal.

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Blog ISO 27001 certified Developer

The ISO 27001 certificate was within reach with our ‘privacy by design’

Bringme obtained the ISO 27001 certificate for information security. We secure our systems in four ways so that customers can use them safely.

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The top 10 corona prevention measures for companies

The WHO has announced a state of emergency concerning the coronavirus and asks companies to take prevention measures. Have a look at these 10 actions that you are advised to take.

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