On our way to 50% less CO2

Every time you order something online, you set a logistical machine in motion. We aren’t always conscious of the couriers driving tens of thousands of miles every day... with our parcels. Bringme is doing everything it can to reduce the harmful CO2 emissions by half. Here's how.

You see them more and more often: signs that we're not taking care of our planet. The growing hole in the ozone layer, the ice caps that are slowly melting and the waste piles that are continuing to grow. We've done a lot of damage to our environment that's for sure. And now it's time to make up for it. Bringme can help to halve courier's CO2 emissions.

CO2, what is it?

CO2 isn't actually all bad. It occurs naturally because trees and plants need it to be able grow. It's only when the CO2 emissions are too high (due to us burning more fossil fuels) that there is a problem. That's when the CO2 (and all the other greenhouse gases) accumulate in the atmosphere. It's there that everything starts to go wrong and creates what we call the greenhouse effect. The effects of global warming are serious and very real. We have drought, melting ice caps and rising sea levels. It's time to do something. And we know that.

Each day 2x around the earth

It's difficult to be exact about how much mileage couriers do each day. But it's quite a lot: from 6 to more than 300 miles per day, per courier. With a rough but conservative estimate we can assume that the average courier travels 150 miles a day. Multiply that by the number of couriers driving about on Belgian roads and you come to the total distance covered: an astronomical sum of more than 44,117 miles per day. That's equivalent to driving around the world twice every day! What can we do about that?

Achieve 50% less CO2

Firstly, by combining deliveries. It stands to reason that if you could deliver 50 parcels to one place in one go, you'd do less mileage than if you had to deliver each parcel separately.

Secondly, the Bringme Box is always ready to receive. And the courier never has to come back a second or even third time. And the recipient never has to drive to collecting a point or the post office.

Thirdly, you can combine collections and deliveries through the Bringme Box. Even less hassle. And fewer miles. In total this results in a saving of up to 50% on journeys. Which in turn also means 50% less CO2 emissions.

So by having your parcels delivered to the Bringme box, you're not only doing yourself a favour, but Mother Nature too!